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William Barr Nicknames
William Barr Jokes by SNL,
Aidy Bryant, Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien

This page contains the best Attorney General William Barr nicknames and jokes that I have been able to find. William Barr nicknames have been coined by late-night comedians like Stephen Colbert and journalists like William Safire and Brian Williams. Barr is a key player in the Ukraine Brain Drain, which led to an impeachment inquiry of Trump and his partners in grime.

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William Barr became William Barred when Scrooge Grinch McTrump fired him just before Christmas. William Barr has thus been barred from the Trumpian Presence, which is like not being able to peek behind the curtain at the diminutive Wizard of Oz squeaking into his megaphone, or in this case, his MAGAphone!

William Barr has already written the epitaph for his tombstone: "He lied for Trump." No, scratch that. It will say: "He lied badly and baldly for Trump." — Michael R. Burch aka "The Loyal Opposition"

The Top Ten William Barr Nicknames

William Barred and William Disbarred
Raymond Barr and Raymond Blur

William P. Barr is like Robert T. Ironside gone over to the dark side of the force. Ironside was played by Raymond Burr, a William Barr lookalike. William Barr also resembles Shrek, a very sleepy Sloth, Fred Flintstone, James Earl Jones and John Goodman. Jimmy Kimmel said Barr looks like Elton John after conversion therapy. Barr has also been compared to Ralphie from "A Christmas Story," who was determined to shoot out his own eye despite all the advice he received to be careful.

Human Hefty Bag
H.R. Puff-n-Stuff
White Collar Fred Flintstone (Stephen Colbert alter ego)
Shred Flintstone
Bad Shrek
Pander Bear
The Human Heffalump ... er, make that The Semi-Human Heffalump

Human Heffalumps are not the most intelligent creatures. It took William Barr four years to figure out that his boss was trying to turn American democracy into Ameri-CON sham-ocracy.

More William Barr Nicknames

Evil Ralphie
Darth Truth eVader
Simon Barr Sinister
Karma's Bitch
Mr. Cliff Notes

A beautiful conclusion! I haven't seen the report.—Seth Meyers quoting Donald Trump

Trump's Detourney General
Trump's Enabler General
The In-credible Shrinking Attorney General
Acting President of the United States
Acting Shredisent of the U.S. Constitution
Trump's Barr Bill (he got paid by taxpayers to keep Trump loaded)
General Barr
General Disaster
General Coverup
Coverup-General Barr (William Safire)

In 1992, William Safire called William Barr "Coverup-General Barr" because of his role in burying evidence of President George H. W. Bush’s involvement in "Iraqgate" and "Iran-Contra-Gate."

Toxic Bill Barr
Bilious Bill Barr
Trump's Barr Bill
Leader of the Fee World
Impeder of the Free World
Trump's Roy Cohn
The Cohnhead
Trump's Personal Attorney
Trump's Personal A$$ki$$er
Trump's Sword and Shield (The New Yorker)
Trump's Hostage Taker

Former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi said Rod Rosenstein looked like a "hostage" as he stood behind William Barr at the press conference where Barr applied Trumpian spin to his redacted version of the Robert Mueller report. Associate Deputy Attorney General Ed O’Callaghan also flanked Barr and was presumably there for "moral" support. Robert Mueller himself apparently wanted nothing to do with the charade.

For his multitudinous efforts on its behalf, the coronavirus has granted William Barr the following titles and epaulets:

The Coronavirus's Best Friend
Coronavirus in Semi-Human Form (*)
Human-COVID Hybrid
The COVID Hominid
Kid Corona
The Covid Kid
The COVIDiot
Barr No Pandemic
The Hyper Ventilator
The Wuhan Conman
The China Sin-Drone (Michael R. Burch)
Trump's Toady
Trump's Anal Barrometer

(*) William Barr has threatened to sue states that try to protect their citizens with stay-at-home orders. In return for his remarkable fealty and service to its cause, the coronavirus has awarded Barr its highest possible distinction, knighting him Sir Coronavirus in Semi-Human Form.

The Grate Redactor
The RED Actor
Putin's REDacter
Putin's Cherry Picker
Putin's Puppet
Mr. Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Redact All Evil

A true government never tells (followed by Dr. Evil laugh).—Trevor Noah
With all that stuff missing, it's going to read like an investigative Mad Libs.—Stephen Colbert

Mr. ReBUTTal

Who issues a rebuttal of a "complete exoneration"?

The Color Coder

This is nice: William Barr is letting Don Jr. do all the coloring!—Jimmy Kimmel
Obviously yellow will be used for the pee tape.—Trevor Noah

The Theocrat
The Lawless A.G.
The Grifter A.G.
The Coverup King

Hey Congress. William Barr here. You might want to sit down for this one. I'm writing almost four pages. My conclusion is that Trump's free as a whistle.—Aidy Bryant, SNL

Robber Baron
Slobber Baron
Trump's Tacky Lackey
Trump's Shit Shield
Head of the Department of Injustice
Chief Injustice
The Grand Collusionist
Benedict Barr
Baghdad Bill Barr (Brian Williams)

Brian Williams compared Bill Barr to Baghdad Bob, a notorious Iraqi propagandist whose real name is Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf. Baghdad Bob kept promising that American troops would surrender to Iraqi forces, right up to the day of his last public broadcast as Iraq's information minister. Apparently the "surrendering" American soldiers captured him and put him out of business. Baghdad Bob claimed to have had "authentic sources—many authentic sources" and to be a "professional" just doing his job. But he was a mouthpiece for Saddam Hussein, just as William Barr now parrots whatever his boss says and tweets.

Mr. Redaction
Mr. Red Action

I came, I saw, I redacted.

Pound Cake
Mr. "In for a penny, in for a pound"
Mr. Penny Unwise, Pound Foolish

Spineless Bill Barr
Man Without a Spine
The Cave Man (he always caved to Trump's lunacies)
Rage and Cave

During his first tenure as Attorney General, he earned the nickname Rage and Cave: when he felt that his principles had been violated, he tended to bluster, then gradually accept the situation.—The New Yorker

The Culture Warrior
The Cult-ure Warrior
Human Petri Dish

The Arsonist

Barr has lit his reputation on fire.—The Washington Post

Trump's Barr-acuda
Trump's Anal Barr-ometer
Katey Barr the Door
The Barrister
Bill Barr
Barr Bill
Trump's Barr Stool
Trump's Barr Stoolie
Trump's Barr Keep
Trump's Barr Tender
The Barr Room Brawler
The Barr Hop
The Barr Hopper
Trump's Lie Barr-o-meter
Chicken Barr (Steve Cohen)
Barmy Bill Barr

Bastard Bill Barr
Basturd Bill Barr


William Barr Jokes

Will the Bar Association bill and bar Bill Barr? Will he become Bill Disbarred? Will Trump declare Colludy Rudy Giuliani his new Detourney General? — Michael R. Burch aka "The Loyal Opposition"

After William Barr is disbarred, will he end up behind barrs, or will he find employment as Trump's personal barrtender and anal barrometer? — Michael R. Burch aka "The Loyal Opposition"

Trump's supporters go on and on about the "deep state," but they are in a deep state of denial. — Michael R. Burch aka "The Loyal Opposition"

Acting President of the United States William P. Barr will bar your constitutional rights to assemble, dissent and speak your minds freely. According to Fact-Free Kayleigh McEnany the person in charge of the White House is Detourney General William Barr! McInaney said it was Trump's Barr-Tender who issued the order to increase the White House perimeter by attacking peaceful protesters with rubber bullets, tear gas and flash grenades while the Bunker Boy presumably cowered in his underground lair. But an attorney general has no such authority. So either the Slobber Baron has engineered a coup or Donald the Menace is looking for scapegoats to avoid a voter-imposed timeout.

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