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Matt Whitaker Nicknames: Acting Attorney General, Shit Taker, Welcome Matt
Matt Whitaker Quotes and Jokes

This page contains the best Matt Whitaker nicknames that I have been able to find, and some that I came up with myself ...

Matt Whitaker Nicknames

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker (emphasis on "acting")
Apprentice Attorney General
Welcome Matt (Michael R. Burch, because Trump walks all over him)
Fake A.G. (Neal Katyal)
Detourney General  (Michael R. Burch)
Matt Shit Taker
Matt Shit Acre
High School Reunion Eyebrow Raiser (Frank Figliuzzi)
Matt Witless

This guy couldn't organize himself out of a bathtub. Cynthia Alksne

BLOC Head  (Michael R. Burch)
King Kong Bundy
Zero Humanity Cyborg
Empty-Eyed Cyborg
No False Tears for Motherless Children Cyborg

Matt Whitaker didn't blink a beady eye when he was asked about the thousands of children his department, formerly known as the Department of Justice, had ripped from their mothers' breasts and separated many to never see each other again in this life.

Those kids mean nothing to him. Cynthia Alksne

The Lie-Borg
The Die-Borg
The Sty-Borg
The Sigh-Borg

The Waterboy
Alpha Hydrator
Poster Boy for Superior Kidney Health

Luminous Dome
Sweat Bead in Human Form
Android Formed from Congealed Sweat Beads
Powered Down Android Matt Whitaker

The Pettifogger
Semi-Human Smoke Screen

Acting Attorney General Matt "Full of Shit" Whitaker (Palmer Report)
The Arrogance of Incompetence (Hakeem Jeffries)
Toast (Palmer Report)
Stephen Miller's Portlier Brother
Homer Wimpson (Michael R. Burch)
Trump's Shit Taker
Matt Wit Faker
Matt Overwhelmed (pun on Matt Helm)
Gomer Pile-On
Bad Actor
The Illegal Eagle
Trump's Legal Beagle
Plucked Lame Duck
Walking Talking Conflict (Senator Amy Klobuchar)

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