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Judge Roy Moore Nicknames

This page contains the best Judge Roy Stewart Moore nicknames that I have been able to find, and some that I came up with myself, along with some choice nicknames for Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Anthony Scaramucci, Mitch McConnell, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and other Trump family, friends, associates and lapdogs ...

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It was a very touching scene when Donald "Deep Crotch" Trump—gasping for breath on his political deathbed—begged Sludge Roy Moore to "win one for the GROPER!"

Later, Moore Iago & Co. celebrated Thanksgiving by chuckling about all the evangelical turkeys they'd plucked! Playboy Roy Moore was served by 14-year-olds in cute cowgirl costumes with ultra-short, tight skirts. Dining in pontific splendor at Mire-a-Lago, in between nibbles of succulent white breasts, the American Iago tweeted out the joyful news that the Messiah has indeed returned, in the form of The Donald Himself!

Hair Gropenfuhrer and Moore Deplorable are currently engaged in a see-saw-like competition to determine which predator harassed and molested the most females. Right now The Great Gropesby leads 16-9, but Playboy Roy may have preyed on more teenage girls.

However, Der Fuhrer Feltersnatch encouraged his new best bud by egging him on: "Go get 'em Roy Boy!"

Ivanka Trump said there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children, like Roy "Score" Moore. But then her father told Alabamans to vote for His Dishonor. Does that make our president the Devil, the Beast, or just one of hell's nastier Demons?

Roy Moore, the Ten Commandments Judge has been demoted to the Ten Commandments Fudge, since he ignored "Thou shalt not commit adultery" by propositioning underage girls. Also, he ignored a mother's commandment to leave her underage daughter alone, so he misled a child into disobeying and dishonoring her mother. Thus he lied about always getting the permission from the mothers of the girls he dated. And he obviously coveted his neighbors' daughters, so there's another commandment violated! Did he honor the Sabbath day by repenting? Nope, obviously not. Furthermore, he used the name of the LORD in vain by claiming to be upholding God's laws while breaking most of them. And he defrauded campaign contributors who believed he really was upholding the law. His lying and stealing made his giant rock a graven image. So he's down to no better than the Two Commandments Sludge.

Half-Cocked Judge Roy S. Moore loves God, Guns and Girls ― very YOUNG girls according to his accusers. At least nine women have accused Moore of inappropriate behavior. Their charges include Moore stalking, propositioning and picking up underage girls, plying them with alcohol and doing his best to seduce them, or worse. Greg Legat, who managed a record store at the Gadsden Mall, confirmed that Moore was banned from the mall in 1979, but was still cruising for teenagers years later. Legat worked at the mall from 1981-1985, so Moore would have been 34-38 at the time. Legat recalled that a Gadsden police officer named J. D. Thomas who worked security at the mall told him: “If you see Roy, let me know. He’s banned from the mall.” Faye Gary, a retired Gadsden police officer, said: “It was a known fact that Roy Moore liked young girls. It was treated like a joke. That’s just the way it was.” Gary confirmed that Moore was "suspended" from the mall for "harassing" girls there and she added: “We were also told to watch him at the ball games, and make sure that ... he didn’t hang around the cheerleaders.” One of the nine women later explained how Moore came to be banned from the mall. Her account appears after the nicknames, along with the accounts of the other eight women and other witnesses who support their testimonies.

Top Ten Roy Moore Nicknames

Sludge Moore and The Sludge Judge
Roy "Score" Moore became Roy "No" Moore and Roy Nevermore when he lost the unloseable election
Uncle Bad Touch (SNL's Michael Che)
Pervy Mall Banger, Mall Rat, Mall Patrol and Mall Cop-a-Feel (he was notorious for "cruising" for teenage girls at the Gadsden Mall)
Mr. Ten Commandments (Moore said: “My duty is to uphold God’s law” and he constantly touted the Ten Commandments while violating eight of them)
The "Hanging" Judge (four women have accused Moore of "letting it all hang out" by propositioning them and buying them alcohol when he was in his thirties and they were teenagers)
Mr. Fundie Undies and Mr. Tightie Whities (one girl, age 14 at the time, said Moore gave her drinks, left the room, then returned wearing only "tight white" underwear and fondled her)
The Sandbagger (he was so unpopular in the military, he slept on sandbags to protect himself from grenades he feared would be thrown under his cot by soldiers under his command!)
Captain America and Captain Shamerica (his troops hated him)
Fruit Salad (his college professor Clint McGee called Moore "the most mixed-up" student he'd ever taught!) and Fruit Loops (for his circular "thinking")
The Ten Commandments Judge (Sara Palin), The Ten Commandments Fudge, the Ten Commandments Sludge, Moore Deplorable and The Supreme Deplorable

“Judge Roy Moore was deplorable before it was cool to be deplorable!” Sara Palin 

Roy Moore appears to be a raging antisemite, based on what he said about a well-known American Jew: “He is pushing an agenda and his agenda is sexual in nature, his agenda is liberal, and not what Americans need. It’s not our American culture. George Soros comes from another world that I don’t identify with. No matter how much money he’s got, he’s still going to the same place that people who don’t recognize God and morality and accept his salvation are going. And that’s not a good place.” So according to the not-so-good Judge, he will go to heaven while millions of Jews go to hell, for not believing what the Judge believes! Perhaps he should have an intimate discussion with another ultra-liberal Jew ... Jesus Christ! After all Jesus was a great proponent of helping the poor and free universal healthcare! That makes him a bleeding-heart liberal, like the apostles and Hewbrew prophets. Judge Score Moore seems more interested in profits, however.

What the Hell, Make it the Top Twenty-Five Roy Moore Nicknames

The Creepy Old Guy
The High-Riding Hypocrite (he loves to do photo-ops riding a horse, wearing cowboy outfits)
The Lone Deranger
The Man with no Shame (pun on "The Man with No Name")
The God Grifter
The Grate Boor of Babble-On
The Praying Preying Predator
The Wrath of Con (because Moore was sending other sex abusers to jail while breaking the law himself)
Playboy Roy and Rock Boy Roy
Rob Roy
Unmoored Moore
The Grate White Profit
The Lawless Lawyer and The Unjust Justice
The Sludge Judge and The Hanging Sludge
Doofus (his West Point classmates)
The Punisher (he expressed the opinion that homosexual behavior should be punished, never mind his own!)

Dishonorable Mention: Fudge More, Grudge More, Drudge More, Roy Deploy More, The Gay Blade, Grandpa Sleaze, Roy S'more, The Cradle Robber, Judge Rudy, Judge Cloy More, The Half-Cocked Judge, The Dangerous D.A., The Cowboy, Roy Codger, The Wrangler, The Shootist, The Grate Scout, Pudge Roy Moore, Creep Home Alabama (NY Daily News), The Culture War Boor, The Alabama Wild Card and the Renegade Republican (NBC's ANDREW RAFFERTY and ALEX SEITZ-WALD), The Sex Shooter, The Teen Troller, The Honey Badger, Roy Turd More, Train Wreck, The Gadsden Gadfly, The Sincredible Roy Moore, Roy Boy, Pea-Shooter Roy, Bannon's Bane

Trump says we don't need another liberal in the Senate. What we really need is another alpha male sexual predator, like Trump!

Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your daughters can do for Moore Trump & Co.

Moments after his stunning defeat in Alabama’s special U.S. Senate election, the Republican candidate, Roy Moore, told reporters that he was planning to cheer himself up by “heading to the mall.” “If people think they’ve seen the last of Roy Moore, they are sorely mistaken,” a visibly devastated Moore said. “I’m going to get back up, dust myself off, and head on over to the good ol’ Gadsden Mall.”
—Andy Borowitz

Meanwhile, Kayla Moore defended her husband by pointing out that one of their attorneys is Jewish: "Yes, he's going to burn in hell for all eternity for not believing what we believe, and we have no problem with that, but how can anyone claim we're antisemitic?"  

Roy Moore's "Con-fession"

Did Roy Moore pursue girls as young as 14 and 15? Consider Moore's own account of how he met his wife, Kayla Kisor Moore. In his book, Moore describes meeting his future wife at a Christmas party hosted by friends. He would have been 37 at the time, while she was 23. Why did he take an interest in her? Moore wrote: "Many years before, I had attended a dance recital ... I remembered one of the special dances performed by a young woman whose first and last names began with the letter 'K.' It was something I had never forgotten. Could that young woman have been Kayla Kisor?" Now do the math: when Roy Moore first took notice of Kayla "many years before," she would have been in her early teens! And she was the same age as one of Moore's accusers, Beverly Young Nelson; in fact, they were classmates. And Beverly Young Nelson was 15 when Roy Moore took an interest in her, according to her account. Later in an interview, Moore estimated the dance recital had been around 8 years prior to the Christmas party, which would have made "K.K." around 15 when he experienced an intense attraction to her. So it all seems to "add up" to Roy Moore having an avid interest in very young girls, by his own admission. And what on earth was a single man in his thirties doing at a dance recital, standing at the back of the auditorium, as he recounted? Was he trolling for young girls? After all, that did seem to be his MO.

Nine Women Testify, Many Others Corroborate

According to numerous of reports, Roy Moore was banned from the Gadsden Mall and YMCA for repeatedly propositioning teenage girls, some as young as 14-15 years old. The general consensus among Gadsden locals, male and female, is that of a much older man constantly pursuing teenage girls on the street, at the mall, in restaurants, and at the YMCA gym (where he sometimes did the pursuing shirtless).

(1) Leigh Corfman says she was 14 when Roy Moore, then a 32-year-old District Attorney, offered to watch Leigh while her mother Nancy Wells went inside the Etowah County Courthouse for a child custody hearing. While her mother was out of sight, Moore asked for Leigh's phone number. On their first date, according to Leigh's account, he picked her up around the corner from her house in Gadsden, then drove her for around 30 minutes to his home in the woods. Leigh says she remembers a long drive that ended on an unpaved driveway. On their first date, Moore told Leigh how pretty she was and kissed her. On their second date, after again meeting on a street corner, Moore drove Leigh back to his house, where he left her on blanket on the floor of his bedroom. Moore then left the room, removed his clothes other than "tight white" underwear, and returned. He then undressed the 14-year-old Leigh, removing her shirt and pants. Moore then touched her over her bra and underpants, then guided her hand to touch his sex organ over his underwear. “I wasn’t ready for that — I had never put my hand on a man’s penis, much less an erect one,” Leigh remembers. Her only experience had been kissing boys her own age. “I wanted it over with — I wanted out,” she remembers thinking. “Please just get this over with. Whatever this is, just get it over.” Leigh says she asked Moore to take her home, and he did. Leigh says that her teenage life became increasingly reckless with drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16. Did Roy Moore contribute to those problems? He certainly didn't help. Years later, Leigh saw a segment about Moore on ABC News’s Good Morning America. She says she threw up. [Note: Moore claims that he never dated a girl without her mother's permission, but why did he twice fail to knock on the front door like a gentleman? According to Leigh, he met her on a corner twice, which means that he obviously knew that what he was doing was wrong.]

Two of Leigh’s childhood friends say she told them at the time that she was seeing an older man, and one says she identified the man as Moore. Wells says her daughter told her about the encounter more than a decade later, as Moore was becoming more prominent as a local judge. Betsy Davis, who remains friendly with Leigh, says she clearly remembers her talking about seeing an older man named Roy Moore when they were teenagers. She says Leigh described an encounter in which the older man wore nothing but tight white underwear. She says she was firm with Leigh that seeing someone as old as Moore was out of bounds: “I remember talking to her and telling her it’s not a good idea, because we were so young.”

(2) Beverly Young Nelson, just 15 at the time, says that Roy Moore would often visit a restaurant she worked, pulling her hair and complimenting her looks. She says Moore signed her school yearbook on Dec. 22, 1977, when she left it sitting on the end of a counter: “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say ‘Merry Christmas.’ Christmas 1977. Love, Roy Moore D.A. 12-22-77 Olde Hickory House.” Beverly said that Moore later offered to give her a ride home after work. But instead of taking her home, Moore began to grope her inside his locked car, and after she asked him to stop, he “began squeezing my neck attempting to force my head onto his crotch.” She says Moore gave up and threatened her, “You are a child. I am the District Attorney of Etowah County. If you tell anyone about this, no one will believe you.” Then, Beverly says, she “either fell out or [Moore] pushed” her out of the car before he drove away.

Beverly Young Nelson was a classmate of Roy Moore's eventual wife, Kayla Kisor Moore, at Southside High School. So it seems Roy Moore kept robbing the cradle until he found a much younger woman to be his bride.

(3) Tina Johnson says that Roy Moore groped her in 1991 while she was in his law office to sign over custody of her 12-year-old son to her mother, who was with her in Moore's office! Moore was married at that time. Johnson was 28 years old at the time, in a difficult marriage, headed towards divorce, and unemployed. Her mother, Mary Katherine Cofield, hired Moore to handle the custody petition. Johnson says Moore began flirting with the moment she walked through the door. “He kept commenting on my looks, telling me how pretty I was, how nice I looked,” recalled Johnson. “He was saying that my eyes were beautiful.” She says that Moore also asked questions about her young daughters, including their eye colors and if they were as pretty as she was. She alleges that as she followed her mother out of his office, Moore grabbed her buttocks. Court documents obtained by The Birmingham News detail the 1991 custody transfer. Cofield’s petition for custody is signed by Roy S. Moore, attorney. It lists his address as 924 Third Avenue, Gadsden, Alabama.

(4) Gloria Thacker Deason said that Roy Moore provided her alcoholic beveragesMateus Rosé wineeven though, at age 18, she was too young to drink under Alabama law. Moore claimed this was "impossible" because the dates were in a dry county, but it has been confirmed that Mateus Rosé was served at a pizzeria, Mater's, where they met. She also says that he would order her tropical cocktails at a Chinese restaurant. Gloria, a cheerleader who worked at a Pizitz jewelry counter in the Gadsden Mall at the time, said that she and Moore dated off and on for several months, but their physical relationship never progressed beyond hugging and kissing. 

(5) Gena Burgess Richardson said that as a teenager working in the Sears at the Gadsden Mall, she would hide from Roy Moore to avoid contact with him. He once made a phone call and had her pulled out of a trigonometry class! They had one date that ended with Moore driving her to a dark parking lot behind Sears. “I just explained to him that my dad’s a minister, and you know, I just can’t sneak around because that’s wrong,” she recalls. “So I thanked him and started to get out and he grabbed me and pulled me in and that’s when he kissed me. “It was a man kiss — like really deep tongue. Like very forceful tongue. It was a surprise. I’d never been kissed like that,” she says. “And the minute that happened, I got scared then. I really did. Something came over me that scared me. And so I said, ‘I’ve got to go, because my curfew is now.’” “I never wanted to see him again,” she said. Richardson's account has been corroborated by her classmate and Sears co-worker Kayla Shirley McLaughlin. “I could see when he came in,” says McLaughlin, who worked at the Sears cosmetics and jewelry counter. “He didn’t really talk to me, he was over there visiting with Gena a lot. And that got to be a pattern.” McLaughlin says she told her friend to stay away from Moore. “Gena was like my little sister. She was raised by a Southern Baptist preacher and a little naive. So I’d let her know: ‘Here he comes.’ She would go to the back. She was uncomfortable.”

(6) Wendy Miller says that she hung out at a mall photo booth where her mom worked when she was 16, and that Moore repeatedly asked her out on dates, which her mother forbade. Wendy's mother, Martha Brackett, confirmed her account. “You’re too old for her . . . let’s not rob the cradle,” Brackett recalls telling Moore. Wendy's mother didn’t agree to the relationship, but they went out for dates when she was 17 nonetheless. [Note: Moore claims that he never dated a girl without her mother's permission, but Wendy's mother clearly disapproved of her daughter dating an older man. Thus, the Ten Commandments Judge led a teenage girl to dishonor and disobey her parents!]

(7) Becky Gray worked in the men’s department of Pizitz. “Parents would drop kids off, let them roam the mall. Well, he started coming up to me.” She says Moore kept asking her out and she kept saying no. “I’d always say no, I’m dating someone, no, I’m in a relationship.” Gray says Moore was persistent in a way that made her uncomfortable. She says he lingered in her section, or else by the bathroom area, and that she became so disturbed that she complained to the Pizitz manager, Maynard von Spiegelfeld. Gray says he told her that it was “not the first time he had a complaint about him hanging out at the mall.” Von Spiegelfeld has since died, according to a relative.

(8) Debbie Wesson Gibson says she was 17 when Moore spoke to her high school civics class and asked her out on the first of several dates. Debbie said the two dated for around three months, and he’d often take her to his home, where he’d read poetry and play the guitar for her. She claims that Moore kissed her once in his bedroom and also by a pool. “Looking back, I’m glad nothing bad happened,” says Gibson, who now lives in Florida. “As a mother of daughters, I realize that our age difference at that time made our dating inappropriate.” [Note: Roy Moore fancies himself to be a poet and has used poems he wrote in his campaigns.]

(9) Kelly Harrison Thorp was just 17 years old and a high school senior in 1982. She was working as a hostess at the Red Lobster restaurant in Gadsden, Alabama. One day Roy Moore came into the restaurant and asked her if she’d go out with him sometime. “I just kind of said, ‘Do you know how old I am?'” she recalled. “And he said, ‘Yeah. I go out with girls your age all the time.'” Thorp says she turned him down and told him she had a boyfriend. Only then did he walk away.

Other women who were not direct objects of Roy Moore's attentions have come forward to confirm what they saw and heard ...

Faye Gary, a retired Gadsden police officer, said: “It was a known fact that Roy Moore liked young girls. It was treated like a joke. That’s just the way it was.” Gary confirmed that Moore was "suspended" from the mall for "harassing" girls there and she added: “We were also told to watch him at the ball games, and make sure that ... he didn’t hang around the cheerleaders.”

Patti Spradlin, a classmate of Leigh Corfman, wasn’t a victim of Moore herself. But she remembers how teenagers who used to hang out at the Gadsden Mall were aware of the need to avoid Roy Moore: “There were places that you could duck into to avoid this person — and it was Roy Moore.” She explained that girls would make sure to walk on the other side of the mall from Moore. "He was always by himself. We just didn't dare make eye contact for fear that would signal something to him, so we'd scooch to the other side ... you know, walk on the other side of the mall. Everyone knew there was something to avoid that was creepy and icky and it was something that my friends didn't want anything to do with," she said.

Phyllis Smith, who worked at Brooks, a clothing store geared toward young women that employed teenage girls, said the teens counseled each other to “just make yourself scarce when Roy’s in here, he’s just here to bother you, don’t pay attention to him and he’ll go away.” She remembers Moore being alone and she had the strong impression he wasn’t looking to shop. “I can remember him walking in and the whole mood would change with us girls. It would be like we were on guard. I would find something else to do. I remember being creeped out.” Smith says Moore never approached her personally, but she saw him chatting with other young clerks, and that she would tell new hires to “watch out for this guy.” She says that occasionally, one of the store managers would have to deal with bounced checks, which meant going to the district attorney’s office where Moore worked. She says the managers would “draw straws” to decide who had to go talk to him about the cases. “It was just sort of a dreadful experience,” she says.

"Him liking and dating young girls was never a secret in Gadsden when we were all in high school," said Sheryl Porter. "In our neighborhoods up by Noccalula Falls we heard it all the time. Even people at the courthouse know it was a well-known secret. "It's just sad how these girls (who accused Moore) are getting hammered and called liars, especially Leigh (Corfman)."

Victoria Beverstock, told that she was 20 years old and working at The Poor House restaurant in 1992 when Moore came in a few times a week to eat and do paperwork. She said he made her and the other waitresses uncomfortable by staring at them and flirting. "He watched us girls quite openly," said Beverstock. "His eyes crawled over our shirts and our backsides. He was so open about it that I would try and handle his order as quickly as possible. "When you didn't smile and flirt back with him, give him an opening, he became rude and demanding," she said.

"It was common knowledge that Roy Moore dated high school girls, everyone we knew thought it was weird," says Teresa Jones, deputy Etowah County district attorney from 1982 to 1985. "We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall." She tweeted: "As a Deputy DA in Gadsden when Roy Moore was there, it was common knowledge about Roy's propensity for teenage girls. I'm appalled that these women are being skewered for the truth."

Sue Bell Cobb, a former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice, said she'd heard murmuring of sexual misconduct as early as 2013 and "was disappointed that there had not been more investigative journalism done the last time he ran because I had heard rumors, but I never knew anything firsthand."

Delores Abney recalled an often-shirtless Roy Moore talking to women at the Gadsden YMCA who “appeared to be high school on up” in an exercise class she was enrolled in. “It just did not look appropriate.”

Janet Reeves, a former employee of a photo kiosk and an Orange Julius at the Gadsden mall, recalled Roy Moore asking a friend of hers, who was 17 or 18, for her phone number. “I just thought he was the creepy old guy,” she said.

“I don’t want to use the word disgust,” said Kathleen Sisson, a retired educator who had known for years about Leigh Corfman’s account of her experiences with Roy Moore. “But it bothered me greatly to know what I knew.”

Men have also confirmed the reports ...

Greg Legat, who managed a record store at the Gadsden Mall at the time in question, has confirmed that Moore was banned from the mall in 1979, but was still cruising for teenagers years later. Legat worked at the mall from 1981-1985, so Moore would have been 34-38. Legat recalled that a Gadsden police officer named J. D. Thomas, now retired, worked security at the mall. “J. D. was a fixture there, when I was working at the store,” Legat said. “He really looked after the kids there. He was a good guy. J. D. told me, ‘If you see Roy, let me know. He’s banned from the mall. If you see Moore here, tell me. I’ll take care of him.’”

Glenn Day, who managed two stores at the Gadsden mall in those years, recalled that Roy Moore had such reputation for approaching young women that the mall guard asked him to let security know whenever he saw Moore there. “I can’t believe there’s such an outcry now,” Mr. Day said, “about something everybody knew.”

"These stories have been going around this town for 30 years," said Blake Usry, who grew up in the area and lives in Gadsden. "Nobody could believe they hadn't come out yet." Usry said he knew some girls that Moore tried to flirt with. "It's not a big secret in this town about Roy Moore," he said. "That's why it's sort of frustrating to watch" the public disbelieve the women who have come forward, he said. Usry, who was a teenager at the time, remembers seeing Moore at the mall often. "He would go and flirt with all the young girls," he said. "It'd seem like every Friday or Saturday night (you'd see him) walking around the mall, like the kids did."

Jason Nelms, who grew up in nearby Southside, was a regular at the mall when he was a teenager. He recalled being told by a mall employee that they kept watch for an older guy who was known to pick up younger girls. Nelms said he was told later by a concession worker at the mall that it was Roy Moore.

Tony Hathcock is a Gadsden photographer who knows Leigh Corfman well and believes her. They are both very conservative Republican voters, he said, and both voted for Trump. He said she had nothing to gain from speaking out, but felt safe speaking out now because her children are adults. He said that growing up in Gadsden, he'd heard rumors about Moore. Last week, he posted a defense of Corfman on Facebook. He said that even as a middle-schooler in Gadsden he'd heard stories from people he knew about Moore's behavior making them uncomfortable.

A police officer, one of two who spoke with The New Yorker, said that “general knowledge at the time when I moved here was that this guy is a lawyer cruising the mall for high-school dates” and that Moore may not have received an official ban but was a persona non grata at the mall and had been “run off” from “a number of stores.”

Alabama journalist Glynn Wilson reported: “Sources tell me Moore was actually banned from the Gadsden Mall and the YMCA for his inappropriate behavior of soliciting sex from young girls.” 

Other comments about Roy Moore's character and abilities (or lack of such) ...

Janet Hinton said that in high school Roy Moore was “known as a real bragger who acted like the smartest person in the classroom.”

Professor Clint McGee called Moore "the most mixed-up" student he'd ever taught and gave him the nickname "Fruit Salad"!

Bill Willard, a longtime Gadsden lawyer here, ventured a theory. He pointed out that Roy Moore had never seemed to have any kind of social life, certainly not among his professional peers. “He was really immature socially,” Mr. Willard said, and so Moore’s reputed attraction to teenagers “ might kind of make sense.” 

Roy Moore may have confirmed accusations of his immaturity and not fitting in, when he wrote that he found West Point to be an intimidating place, with students who were more “well read, traveled or experienced” than he was and who considered him “an easy target.” Did he gravitate toward much younger girls who were much easier to impress?

And Roy Moore was hardly "the smartest person in the classroom" because he graduated in the bottom quarter of his class at West Point. Nor did he fare any better in law school. Guy V. Martin Jr., one of Moore’s professors, described him as immersed in “illogic,” and said he had constantly argued with classmates. “Moore never won one argument, and the debates got ugly and personal,” Mr. Martin wrote.

Kathleen Warren, a lawyer who once shared office space with Roy Moore, said: “He seemed to not think much of women as a whole. A true sexist.”

Top Ten Luther Strange Nicknames

Big Luther
Lyin' Luther Strange
Strange Brew
Strange Bro'
Dr. Strangelove
The Big Bunny (his college nickname)
Lex Luther
The Runoff King
The Bathroom Detective
The Transgender Rearender

Dishonorable Mention: The Exxon Defender, Strange LLC (his law firm), Strange But Untrue

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has an amazing superpower... she can make Sean "Scary" Spicer seem almost normal, and half-way respectable! She is, of course, the daughter of Mike "Huckster" Huckabee, also known as "Huckleberry Spin." Together, they have created more whiffable spin that a Clayton Kershaw curveball. And they undoubtedly inspired the song that goes: "If your lips are movin', then you lie, lie, lie!"

The Top Ten Sarah Huckabee Sanders Nicknames

Sarah "Suckmypee" Sanders
Sarah Suckup
Sarah Suckabee
The Succubus
Kentucky Fried
Miss Huckster
Basic Atrocity
The Spinstress
Miss Missinformation

Dishonorable Mention: Women's Fibber, Sister Smother, Gomer Pile On II, The Gomerette, Elmira Gantry, Elvira Gantry, Possum Queen,  Cruella de Vile, Hick Morticia, Elvira Mistress of the Trailer Park, Miss Deliverance, Miss Devil Rants, Miss HarkandSaw, Miss Little Roc, Miss Pine Bluff, Blunder Woman, Slimy Sellout, Train Wreck, Miss Derailment, Faux News Vixen, Lil' Spice, Less Seasoned Spice, Spiced Rack, Trump's Dishonor Guard, Keeper of the Shame, Keeper of the Slime, Ante Bell Mum, The Funny Farm Schoolmarm, Miss Manners (she said it was "highly inappropriate" to debate a four-star general, even when he's obviously wrong), The Pig Hollow Wallower

Mike Huckabee Nicknames: Judas, Huckster Huckabee, Huckleberry Spin, Huckmaster General, Huck Fuckabee, Huck Upchuck, Hick Muckabee, The Muckster, Brother Smother, Tax Hike Mike, Triple Wide, Duck Hunter, Uncle Sugar (he once said that the only reason women voted for Democrats was because Uncle Sugar promised to pay for their birth control), Gomer Pile On I

The Top Ten Jeff Sessions Nicknames

Separated at birth? Here is unmistakable proof that Jeff "Granny" Sessions is the identical twin of another notorious scold ... Granny Clampett!

Granny and Granny Clampett
The Scold
Shocked Grandma (Stephen Colbert "alter ego")
The Washington Hillbully
Possum Boy and Half-Possum (SNL's Kate McKinnon)
Buford T. Injustice
Evil Snoats
The Blight Supremacist
The Hobbit (Trevor Noah)
Bill Dough Baggins (Michael R. Burch)
Forest Gnome (Stephen Colbert), The Keebler Elf and The Feebler Elf
Darth Leprechaun (Michael R. Burch)

Dishonorable Mention: Darth Yoda, Cloverleaf Pixie watching people have sex (Stephen Colbert "alter ego"), Albino Smurf (Stephen Colbert "alter ego"), Nervous Tick (Conan O'Brien), Nervous Nellie, Kangaroo Court Sessions,
Hessian Sessions, Secessionist Sessions, Stressin' Sessions (Elizabeth Harris Burch), Stonewall Sessions, Jefferson "No Regard" Sessions (his full name is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions), Bo Retard, Detour-ney General, Round-a-Bout Bubba, Shirknado (Michael R. Burch), Perjurer General, Nuts (Donald Trump), The Wall Nut (this nut didn't fall too far from the racist family tree), Nut Boy, The Squirrel, Squirrely Sessions, Mutt and Jeff, Nutt and Jeff, The Turnip of Hate (Stephen Colbert "alter ego"), Doll carved from an apple (Stephen Colbert "alter ego")


This is a disappointment, a disappointment indeed! I regret that our efforts [to rob 30 million Americans of decent healthcare] were simply not enough this time!―Mitch McConHell

The Top Ten Mitch McConnell Nicknames

The Turtle (Jon Stewart) and The Napping Turtle (Michael R. Burch)
Fuckface McTurtlebitch
Mitch MuckSquirtle
Shirknado and Shirknerdough (Michael R. Burch)
The Hyperactive Death Hamster
The Lethal Chipmunk
Angry Cheek Pouches
Koch Addict (Michael R. Burch)
Mitch McConHell (Michael R. Burch)
Mitch the Snitch / Mitch the Bitch / Mitch the Snitch-Bitch / Mitch the Glitch / Mitch the Twitch / Mitch the Shitz / Mitch the Fritz / Mitch Switch Bait / Pitchman Mitch / Ditch McConnell (as we all should!)

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It has been scientifically proven that Anthony Scaramucci's blow-dryer, by evaporating massive quantities of hair gel and other hair products, is now the leading cause of global warming!

The Top Ten Anthony Scaramucci Nicknames

The Mooch (incredibly this is what the Grate Communicator calls himself!) and The Mooch Smooch (Trevor Noah)
A$$ki$$er (Michael R. Burch)
Ass Smooch and The Ass Smoocher
Loose Lips Scaramucci (his lips, although flapping loosely, are firmly planted in Trump's pale orange posterior)
Spokestoady and The Incredible Shrinking Spokesman
The Honeymooner (he asked his new staff to give him a "honeymoon" without leaks)
Sir Leakalot (immediately after complaining about leaks, ScaryMooch leaked the fact that Reince Priebus would be asked to resign)
The Straight Shooter (he keeps shooting himself straight in the foot)
The A$$a$$in (he expressed a desire to personally "kill" the leakers even though it was only a dinner list!)
Mr. Irreconcilable Deferences (Michael R. Burch)

Dishonorable Mention: The Hedge Hog (Scaramucci is a hedge fund manager), Mr. Sicko Pants (Scaramucci panted after Trump like a love-sick hound in heat), Mr. Sicko-Fancy (Michael R. Burch), The Human Pinky Ring (Seth Myers), The Human Toilet Plunger (Trump gold-plates his toilets, the Scary Moocher plunges in!), The Human Blow Dryer, Mr. Hair Gel, Deputy DIP-pity-'Do (Michael R. Burch), Spritz Monkey, Spritz Flunkey, The Shitz, Little Anthony and the Diphtherials (Michael R. Burch), Fandango, High C-Note Tony, Little Tony Soprano (Michael R. Burch), The 'Do-Whopper (Michael R. Burch), Frankie Death Valley, Little Tony Tutone (Scaramucci recently cornered the world markets for bronzer and hair gel), Cain, His Brother's Bleeper (Michael R. Burch), Two-Faced Scaramucci (likely to be the lead villain in the next Bratman movie)

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Have no fear, Acting President Jared Kushner is here! Cushy Kushner makes all the major decisions while Truant Trump tweets, poses for photo-ops, gropes women's genitals, sentences babies and grannies to death, cheats at golf, then brags about his "accomplishments" and campaigns for reelection. 

We can all breathe a sigh of relief because Jarhead Kushner is at the ISIS front, using his real-estate negotiation skills to counsel our enemies and console our troops! Trump's youthful Aide de Kampf will never rest until WWIII is well underway, and completely irreversible. There will soon be a remake of Full Metal Jacket starring Jarring Kushner in Full Dinner Jacket (and Tie). Little Lord Fauntleroy will also star in Ralph Lauren of Arabia, The Shilling Fields, PeeWee's Big Adventure and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner then Whines about the K-Rations.

The Top Ten Jared Kushner Nicknames

Vanilla ISIS
Ralph Lauren of Arabia (@ChannelTrump)
Cushy Kushner and Little Cushball (Alec Baldwin on SNL)
Aide de Kampf (Michael R. Burch)
Acting President Kushner
Coup D'Tot (Michael R. Burch)
Little Lord Fauntleroy (Duratti on Daily Kos)
The Easebroker (expecting Jared Kusher to produce peace in the Middle East is like believing in the Tooth Fairy!)
Putin's Protégé

Dishonorable Mention: Putin's American Viceroy, Putin's American Vice-Boy, Putin's Cush-Toy, Putin's Puppet, Putin's Poppet, Putin's Proxy, Comrade Kushner, The Air (Steve Bannon, because Kushner glides in and out like a puff of air), The Secretary of Everything (his White House nickname), Madame Secretary, Jared the Pallid, The Paladin, Jared the Unready, Fully Transparent Boy (he claimed to be "fully transparent" on Russia.), Poor Little Rich Bitch, Little Jared (Ana Navarro), Baby Boy (Ana Navarro), Jarhead, Jarred Jared, Jarring Kushner, The Boy Blunder, Nimrod (Nimrod, the son of Kush, was the founder of Babylon), Son of Babylon (the name Jared means "descent" so he is the "Son of Kush," the patriarch of Babylon), The Crown Prince of Babble-On, Lucifer Incarnate, Channel 666 (Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump own 666 Fifth Avenue, purchased for $1.8 billion or 6+6+6 billion), The Neophyte, Complete Fucking Idiot (Samantha Bee), The Piece Broker, The Piss Broker

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The Top Ten Ivanka Trump Nicknames

Ivanka Tramp
Ivanka Wanker (I Wanna Wank Her)
Ivanka Spanker (I Wanna Spank Her)
Proxy Wife
Nordic Goddess and The Norwegian Wood Inducer
Trophy Daughter and The First Lady-Daughter
Kushner's Crush and Kushner's Cush Toy
The Favorite and The Hot One
The Smart One and Michael (after Michael Corleone, "the smart one" in the Godfather movies)
I Candy

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The Top Ten Steve Bannon Nicknames

Acting President Bannon
The Ringleader
The White Nationalist Torchbearer
Trump's Torch
My Steve (Donald Trump)
Trump's Brain (Elizabeth Williamson)
Loose Cannon Bannon
Mr. Alt-Right
Darth Bannon
The Great Boor of Babble-On

Dishonorable Mention: Trump's Thomas Cromwell (Bannon himself), Stone Cold Crazy Steve Bannon, Mr. Alt-Reich, The Alt-Reichmaster, Mr. ALT-CONTROL-DELETE, The Alt-Right Igniter, The Breitbart Fart, Stephen KKK Bannon, Darkness Incarnate, The AmeriKlan Idol, Deceivin' Stephen, Darth Vader, Sith Lord Bannon, Darth Insidious, Sauron, Sour-Hun, The Great Manipulator (TIME), The Amerikan Goebbels, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, (David Letterman), Deep State Stephen, Supremacist Steve, Stephen Stipulator, The Svengali, Gríma Wormtongue, The Alt-Right Ideologue (Elizabeth Williamson), Bannon the Barbarian, The Leninist, Bye Bye Bannon, Banned Bannon,
Ban on Bannon, Trump's Eminence Grise (David A. Graham)

The Top Ten Donald Trump Nicknames ... Oh Hell ... So MANY to Choose from ... Better Make it the Top 1,000!

(#1) Number one, with a bullet: THE ANTICHRIST — by God and the Hebrew prophets — when they spoke of "the Trump of Doom" and a "little horn" were they speaking literally? (For a YUGE slew of 666 connections, see Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?)
(#2) Short-Fingered Vulgarian — by Graydon Carter
(#3) Agent Orange — by Anonymous (not sure if it was coined by the hacker group Anonymous, but this is one of my all-time favorites)
(#4) Golden Wrecking Ball — by Sarah Palin (who was not trying to be funny, but ended up being all too accurate ... so sad!)
(#5) Fuckface von Clownstick, Comedy Entrapment and Unrepentant Narcissistic Asshole (the UNAbomber?) — by Jon Stewart
(#6) The White Kanye ― by Bill Maher (or is Trump more accurately the Yellow-ish-Orange Kanye?)
(#7) Lord Voldemort, Orange Anus and Snake Oil Salesman — by Rosie O'Donnell
(#8) The Trump of Doom — by Michael R. Burch (adopted from the Bible and first used in a possibly prophetic Facebook post on September 11, 2015)
(#9) Thurston Shitbag the Third — by Bill Maher
(#10) Man-Baby — by Jon Stewart ... this one inspired a slew of jokes and similar nicknames ...

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Q: What do you call it when a Man-Baby takes over the American government?
A: Coup d'Tot!

President Donald Trump signed bills in the  Roosevelt Room of the White House on Monday.

Tiny Hands Trump uses the world's smallest pen and desk to sign his latest dictatorial proclamations at his Birther Boy coming-out party. The women pictured are nannies beseeching the Boy Blunder to take a nap and stop bullying the world, but Man-Toddler Trump will have none of that! Bratman believes in ACTION, but he is no superhero. Short Attention Span Trump is the new official poster child for ADD. According to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, the mADD Man-Imp prefers his "intelligence" to be delivered with colorful pie charts, maps, pictures, videos and "killer" graphics. In other words, make military intelligence more entertaining, more exciting, more funlike a cartoon! Such is the Boychurian Candidate's latest thought bubble. Fortunately the Combover Kid's undersized hands are too tiny, weak and delicate to key in the nuclear codes, but it's not for Bratman's lack of trying to blow up the world!

President Donald Trump holds up his pen after signing the Historically Black Colleges and Universities HBCU Executive Order, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017, in the Oval Office in the White House in Washington.

Trump's nannies applaud as Widdle Donnie Whinydiaper learns to operate a pen with his teeny-tiny fingers. The Brooklyn Brat is certainly proud of his "big boy" accomplishment. But so far no one has been able to potty-train the Boss Baby's mouth (or his Twitter account)!

White House insiders have been calling the president Don Corleone and Dumb Corleone because of his mob boss mentality. His oldest son Donald Trump Jr. is Fredo (the dumb son who keeps shooting himself in the foot), while Ivanka is Michael (the smart one). There is no doubt that Ivanka is the Godfather's favorite, since he gave her a position in his administration along with her husband Little Lord Fauntleroy. But if Junior is Fredo, wouldn't that make Senior another Fredo? Better call Puffed Up Daddy and his eldest son Dumb and Dumber! But where does this name game leave Eric Trump, a Chip Off The Old Blockhead who may be the dumbest of them all? Is Eric too dumb to be promoted to Sonny? They seem to be a trio of Fredos, so call them the All Fredos or Alfredos for short! But let's not rush to judgment: Bill Maher has compared the Trump brothers to another ill-begotten duo: Uday and Qusay Hussein. That would make their father So Damn Insane, and it certainly seems to suit him.

"Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets," Donald "Ponyboy" Trump Jr. told a real estate conference in 2008, "We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia." In 2014, when golf writer James Dodson asked Eric "the Red" Trump how his father could finance golf courses when American banks were declining to lend money against such assets, he answered: "We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia." So when Trump Sr. claims to have "no dealings" with Russia, he is obviously lying. And Trump Jr. made the purpose of his treasonous Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents crystal-clear when he informed Jared "Jarhead" Kushner and Paul "Mole" Manafort about the covert operation in an email with the subject heading: "Russia – Clinton – private and confidential." Folks, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes or IBM's Watson to figure this one out!

The Top Ten Donald Trump Jr. Nicknames

Junior and Donald Dunce Jr.
Son of Drumpf
Donald Drumpkopf the Lesser
The Good Boy (Donald Trump Sr.)
The Boy Blunder and Booby
Chip Off the Old Blockhead
Take your pick: Putin's Puppet / Puppy / Proxy / Protégé / Poodle / Lapdog
Fredo Corleone and Frito Corleone and Fraido (because like Fredo he's afraid of his father)
The Bedwetter and Diaper Don (because in college he would get drunk, pass out and wet the bed)

Dishonorable Mention: Little Donnie Diaperpants, Little Donnie Diaperwetter, Public Drunk, The Cheapest Gazillionaire Heirhead (People Magazine, after Junior proposed to Vanessa Haydon with a free ring), The Airhead,
The Bedhead, Mr. Brylcream, Unbonny Donnie and Nondescript Donnie (because Ivanka got all the attention), Groper Jr. and Junior Abuser (he came on to women so strong at frat parties "everyone was warned to stay away from Donnie Trump"), The Great White Hunter (he even posed for a picture holding a severed elephant's tail!), The Gushin' Russian

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Currently Rising: Quasi-Dodo the Hunchback of Notre Shame, after Trump curtsied submissively before the Saudi king in his first official act as an American president abroad. The Big Dipper dropped a pretty little curtsey (for a Shambling Sasquatch, that is) while receiving the Gilded Collar of King Salman Abdulaziz al-Saud. This, after Two-Faced Trump had blasted President Obama for a much more dignified and reserved half-bow several years before, tweeting at the time: "Do we want a President who bows to the Saudis?" A meek little curtsey, however prettily delivered, is far less presidential than a half-bow, so let's add Hippo-CRAZY, The Hissy-Fit Hypocrite and the Hypocritic Oaf to our ever-expanding list of Trump nicknames.

Also Rising: Prima Donald, Sparkly Princess Trumpelina, Dainty Donald, The Ginger Genuflector, Orange O'Hara, Little Miss Teapot and Idiot Abroad (Samantha Bee). Trump loyalist and campaign adviser Roger Stone was livid about the curtsey, tweeting: "Candidly, it makes me want to puke #JaredsIdea." But was it a submissive bow, an obsequious curtsey, or both? One tweeter was happy to explain: "To be fair, first Trump bowed, then he curtsied like a sparkly princess!" Another tweeter adopted Trump-Speak: "Trump has all the best curtsies, nobody curtsies like Trump, everybody says so!" In a similar vein, Trump's submissive gesture was described as "one of the best and bigliest curtsies." However, there was considerable confusion: was the correct hashtag #TrumpCurtsy or #TrumpCurtsey with an "e"? Well, the "e" seems a bit more feminine to us, so we are voting for "curtsey" as befitting Her Royal Highness Princess Prima Donna.

Trump Nicknames Continued, with our High Dishonorable Mentions ...

Truthophobic Trump (Elizabeth Harris Burch)
The Ameri-Con President
SCROTUS (So-Called Ruler of the United States)
BLOTUS (Bloated Leader of the United States)
The Incredible Bulk (after Trump warned that he would be "very angry" if TrumpCare is not allowed to kill multitudes of Americans)
The Gold Man Sucks President
Daddy Warbucks
Mr. Transparency (after Trump said his wall must be transparent to allow Americans to watch out for flying bags of drugs!)
The Poor Little Rich Bitch
Dire Abby (because Trump gives relationship advice like Dear Abby, but his message is invariably dire)
The Thinskinned Skinflint
Gossamer-Skinned Bully — by Graydon Carter
The White Pride Piper
Orange-Vanilla ISIS
The Wear Wolf of Wall Bleat — by Michael R. Burch
The Fourth Dorkman of the Apocalypse (along with George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann)
Super Callous Fragile Racist Extra Braggadocios (one of the cleverest Trump nicknames)

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Nicknames for the Trump administration: Trolls Galore (Hillary Clinton), Amoral Flying Monkeys (Keith Olbermann), Rank Amateurs, Amateur Hour at the White House, Alternate Reality TV, Celebrity Presidential Apprentice, KKK: Kooks, Klowns and Kommissars, Den of the Re-Flub-Lycans (Michael R. Burch), Hell on Earth, The Ninth Circle of Hell, The Fourth Reich, Hair Force One, Combover to the Dark Side, Hair Hitler and the Whigs (Michael R. Burch), Trump-Pence None the Retcher (Michael R. Burch), Regressive Reds, The White Supremacist House (Michael R. Burch), The West Wing Sexual Assault Emporium (Michael R. Burch), The Oval Ovary Assault Office, The Ovary Inspection Office (Michael R. Burch), Crack Team of Crackpots (Michael R. Burch), AmeriKlan Idols, Kakistocracy (Ryan Lizza) ...

The Greeks have a word for the emerging Trump Administration: kakistocracy. The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as a “government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.” Webster’s is simpler: “government by the worst people.”—Ryan Lizza in a New Yorker article

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Damien Trump
and his Stepford Wives meet Pope Francis, who is obviously uncomfortable in the presence of such Darkness and angles his cross slightly to keep them at bay!

Trump family nicknames: The Stepfordians, The KKKardashians, The Brooklyn Hillbullies (Michael R. Burch), Donald Duck Dynasty, Four Norsemen of the Trumpocalypse (Michael R. Burch), The Cold Ones, Children of the Corn, Poor Little Bitch Kids, The Bitches of Eastwick

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The Top Ten Melania Trump Nicknames

The Slovenian Sphinx (Maureen Dowd)
First Babe
The Ice Queen (Gloria Erin Ryan) and The Swamp Queen
Sinderella and Tinderella
Melania Antoinette
The Man-Baby Sitter and The Trump Sitter
The Trump Swatter (after she slapped her husband's hand away on an airport runway in Israel)
The Superglamorous Stepford Wife (André Leon Talley)
The Apprentice Bride and Bride of Trumpenstein

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Marco Roboto
hugs the First-Lady-Daughter, Ivanka Trump ... talk about uncomfortable!

Nicknames of Trump's Family, Friends, Cabinet and Associates

Trump Immediate Family and Most Intimate Friends

Trump family nicknames: The Brooklyn Hillbullies, Donald Duck Dynasty, Children of the Corn, The Stepfordians, The KKKardashians, Poor Little Bitch Kids, The Four Norsemen of the Trumpocalypse, The Cold Ones

Trump supporter nicknames: Trump Nation, AlieNation, Tramps, Trump's Chumps, Chumpanzees, Putin's Puppets, Putin's Poppets, Re-flub-Lycans, Dumb and Dumber, The Deplorables, The Untouchables, Trumpites, Trumpettes, Trumpeters, Trumpeteers, Trumpniks, Trumpists, Trumpies, Trumpanzees, Trumpkins, Trumpaholics, Trumptards, Trumpster Divers, Trump's Schlumps, Troglodytes, Trump Junkies, The Walking Brain Dead, Groper Groupies, Sheeple, The Lost

now stands for Government of Putin and it is clearly of Putin, by Putin and for Putin.

Donald Trump nicknames: The Donald, Putin's Puppet, Putin's Poodle, The Brooklyn Bolshevik, Comrade Trumputin, The Russian Mole, Russian's Unwitting Agent, Moscow's Useful Fool, Agent Orange, The Trump of Doom, The ANTICHRIST

Tiffany Trump nicknames: Tiff, Wild Card, Miss Invisible, The Other Daughter, Any Tiff, Tiff Fanny, Fit Fanny, The Unknown Trump

Barron Trump nicknames: Mini-Donald, Little Donald, Poor Little Rich Boy, Barron von Trump

Melania Trump nicknames: The Slovenian Sphinx (Maureen Dowd), Melania Antoinette, First Babe, Melanoma, The Ice Queen (Gloria Erin Ryan), The Swamp Queen, Tinderella, The Trump Sitter, The Trump Swatter (after she slapped her husband's hand away on an airport runway in Isreal), TerminEX, (ditto), The Black Widow, Pussy Bow (because she wore a "pussy bow" to the St. Louis debate), Double Agent (Christen Clifford suggested that the "pussy bow" was a feminist rebuke of her husband's pussy groping), Agent 69, The Superglamorous Stepford Wife (André Leon Talley), Mater Harry (pun on Mata Hari and Dirty Harry), Eye Candy, KKK (her bra size)

Eric Trump nicknames: Eric the Red, Eric the Brain Dead, Eric of Orange, Eric Idle, Mr. Alt-Right, Mr. Roboto, Draco Malfoy, Sonny Corleone, Sonny-Boy, Butthead Trump, Eric the Hysteric, Eric the Cleric, Chip Off the Old Blockhead II

Donald Trump Jr. nicknames: Junior, Dunce Jr., Son of Drumpf, Donald Drumpkopf the Lesser, Ponyboy, Bozo Boy, Booby, Baby Boy, Chip Off the Old Blockhead, Skittles, Grade B T-Rump, Daddy's Human Shield, Beavis Trump, Uday Trump, Fredo Corleone, Fraido, Frayed Dough, The Bedwetter and Diaper Don (because in college he would get drunk, pass out and wet the bed)

"Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets," Donald Trump Jr. told a real estate conference in 2008, "We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia." In 2014, when golf writer James Dodson asked Eric Trump how his father could finance golf courses when American banks were declining to lend money against such assets, he answered: "We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia." So when Trump Sr. claims to have "no dealings" with Russia, he is obviously lying. And Trump Jr. made the purpose of his treasonous Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents crystal-clear when he informed Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort about the covert operation in an email with the subject heading: "Russia – Clinton – private and confidential." Folks, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes or IBM's Watson to figure this one out!

Vladimir Putin nicknames: Vova, Abaddon (the Angel of Death), Vlad the Impaler, Vladula, Pale Moth (his KGB code name), Darth Vladimir, The Kremlin's Grey Cardinal, Blonde Bond, The Puppet Master, Trump's Controller, The BEAST

Sergey Kislyak nicknames: The Recruiter, The Mole Man, Russia's Top Spy, Trump's Handler, The Impresario

Natalia Veselnitskaya nicknames: Natashe, Natalia Romanova, Zora the Geek, Octohussy, Hussy Galore, Dishonor Blackman, Shill Masters Son, So Long Dimwit Adios, Bonita Booby Trap, Rink-a-Dink Fink, Blog Cabin Girl, High Jinx, Vesper Sinned, Triple X, Trip Lex, Strawberry Yields, Severance, Domino Downfall, Fredo's Downfall, The Knock-Off, Yet Another Loose End, Blunderball 007, Miss Russian Collusion Fusion, Trump Tower's Favored Immigrant (she is on parole with American Immigration), The Prosecutor's Bride (her nickname in Russia during her marriage to Alexander Mitusov)

Rinat Akhmetshin nicknames: Mr. Con-Fusion, The GRUsome Spook, The Mole, Mr. Counter Intelligence, The Propagandist, Putin's Shadow Lobbyist, The Man in the Shadows, The Shadowist, Trump's Controller, AK-47, The Mercenary, Russia's Gun-for-Hire, The Hacker, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold War, The Double-Speak Agent, The Lobbyist, Rinat of the Oligarchs

Aras Agalarov nicknames: The Mogul, The Oligarch, The Donald Trump of Russia, Azerbijani Aras

Emin Agalarov nicknames: Mogul Lite, Little Mogul, The Azerbijani Eminem

Yury Yakovlevich Chaika nicknames: The Crown Prosecutor, Trump's Elector

Rob Goldstone nicknames: The Gold Digger, The Name Dropper, The Pawn Broker, The Bet-Hedger (he posted a selfie of himself in a pro-Russia shirt hours after Trump was elected president), Nebbish Nero, Chubby Caligula, The Oligarch's Intimate

Denis Katsyv nicknames: The Launderer, Mr. Moneybags

Anatoli Samochornov nicknames: The Interpreter

Boris Epshteyn nicknames: Bore Us (his high school nickname), Boris Badenov, Putin's Proxy, The Russian Surrogate, The Rat, The Mole, Moscow's Investment Guru, Frankenstein Epshteyn

Alan S. Futerfas nicknames: Flutter-Fast, Scumsaver, The Mob's Legal Beagle, Mr. Mob, Mr. Mafia, Russian Red Futerfas, The Pork Avenue Trombonist

Rhona Graff nicknames: The Gatekeeper, Keeper of the Graft, Graff Spree

Jamie Gorelick nicknames: The Dropout, The Licked Lawyer

Abbe Lowell nicknames: Prayer Time, Kushner's Last Line of Defense, The Heavyweight

Peter W. Smith nicknames: The Go-Between, Putin's Procurer, The Hacker Backer

The "Big Six" or "Deep State Six"

Paul Ryan nicknames: Lyin' Ryan, Cryin' Ryan, Paul Pot, Pious Paul, Paul Ruin, Small-Ball Ryan, Beaver Cleaver, Eddie Munster, Alfalfa, Mr. 1%, A-ryan, Brown Nose (he was voted "Biggest Brown-Noser" by his graduating class in 1988), Nana Killer, The Granny Killer, Rathole, Trump's Cheerleader (Dan Rather), Ryan's Hopeless

Mitch McConnell nicknames: McCon Hell (Michael R. Burch), Fuckface McTurtlebitch, The Turtle (Jon Stewart), Dick Turtle, Mitch the Snitch, Mitch the Bitch, Mitch the Snitch-Bitch, Mitch the Glitch, Mitch the Twitch, Mitch the Shitz, Mitch Switch Bait, Koch Addict (Michael R. Burch), Ditch McConnell, The Ditch Dweller

Orrin Hatch nicknames: Orrin Goering, Orrin Moron, Orrin Boring, Borin' Orrin, Boring Snatch, The Hatchling, Half-Hatched Orrin, Down the Hatch Orrin, The Albino Weasel, Mucoso

Steve Mnuchin nicknames: Hedge Hog, PAC-man, No-Chin Mnuchin, The Foreclosure King, The Forecloser, The Double-Downer, The Granny Terminator, Dune Messiah

Gary Cohn nicknames: Sachs-man, Cohn's Disease, A$$hole, Con Tiki, Globalist Gary, The Government Sacker, The Risk Taker, The TARP King, Bailout Boy

Kevin Brady nicknames: Colonel Klink, Death Warmed Over, Mean Ways Brady, Mr. Secret Payoff, The SalesTaxMan, The Sales Tax Shaman

The Rest of Trump's Inner Circle

Stephen K. Bannon nicknames: Acting President Bannon, Stephen KKK Bannon, Loose Cannon Bannon, Darkness Incarnate, AmeriKlan Idol, Deceivin' Stephen, Darth Vader, Darth Bannon, Sauron, Sour-Hun, The Great Manipulator (TIME), The Great Baby-Man-ipulator, The Great Totipulator, The Amerikan Goebbels, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (David Letterman), Steve "Fan Hate" Bannon, Rupert Murder-Doc, Mr. Destructo, Stephen "Sith Lord" Bannon, Supremacist Steve, The Dark Master of Disaster, Stephen Stipulator, Little Stevie Blunder, The Svengali

Kellyanne Conway nicknames: Wrongway Conway (Michael R. Burch), The Spin-Mistress (Bess Levin), Miss Misinformation (Michael R. Burch), The Trump Whisperer (Frank Bruni), Motor Mouth (David Horsey), Smelly Anne Con-Job, Con-Way Twitter ("Can we con our way to the presidency, using Twitter?"), Con-Way Twit, "Nutter Consigliere (Jim Newell), The Mercenary (Jim Newell), Vichy (Stephen Romanenghi), Free Agent (Joe Scarborough), Fact-Free Agent (Michael R. Burch), Fatal Attraction (SNL), Mistress of Propaganda, Bride of Dracula, Spawn of the Undead, The Crypt Keeper, The Cryptomaniac, The Spinstress (Michael R. Burch)

Paul Manafort nicknames: The Count, The Uber-Lobbyist (David Catanese), Putin's Revenge, Yanukovych's Yankee Yanker, Russian Lobbyist-in-Chief, American Mole, The Ultimate Insider, Knuckles, Steamroller, The Six Million Ruble Man

Roger Stone nicknames: Roger Rabid (Michael R. Burch), Dirty Trickster (Elizabeth Burke), Roger the Artless Dodger, Professional Lord of Mischief, State of the Art Sleazeball, Boastful Black Prince of Sleaze, Roger "Glands of Stone," Ratf*cker, The Most Dangerous Person in America Today (The Village Voice)

Chief of Staff Reince Priebus nicknames: Rinse Penis, Rinse Priapus, Prince Penis, Prince Precipice, Prince Rhesus, Prince Rebus, Princess Reba, RNC PR BS (by removing all vowels), E Priebus Loonum, "Rinse Twice and Spit" Priebus, Prince Precipitous, Rancid Rinse, Rancid Penis, Rinse Repeat, The Mincing Prince, Rimjob Precipuss

Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page nicknames: Stranichkin (Russian for "little page"), The Window Dresser, Putin's Page Boy, Putin's Pimp, Putin's Apologist, Moscow's Brazen Apologist (Michael Isikoff), Trump's Moscow Mystery Man (Julia Ioffe), The Russian Mole, The Gazprom Greaser, Who? (Corey Lewandowski, Politico, Bill Browder and other Real Experts on Russia)

Sarah Palin nicknames: Sarah Barracuda, Sarahcudda, Caribou Barbie, Half-Baked Alaskan, Moose-o-lini, The Wasilla Gurlilla or Gurlzilla, Whore of Babble-On, The Wasilla Hillbilly, Mama Grizzly, Palin-Drone, McCain's Bane, Weepin'-'n'-Wailin' Sarah Palin (Michael R. Burch)

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch nicknames: Darth Evader, Goldman Sachs' Rubber Stamp, A$$hole, The Unjust Justice, The Grinder (for grinding ordinary Janes and Joes under the crushing wheels of corporations), The Greek Geek, Fratboy, FIJI-boy and the Fraternizer (for defending his college frat against charges of date rape)

Bill O'Reilly nicknames: Shill O'Reilly, Bull O'Really, Bill O'Goods, The Spin Zone Doctor, The Spin Doktor, The Spin DoKKKtor, Papa Bear (Stephen Colbert), Mr. Sexual HarA$$ment, Sex Beast, Sexual Predator, The Permanent Vacationer, Big O (George W. Bush), Podzilla (since his new medium will be podcasts)

Corey Lewandowski nicknames: Gory Corey, Mr. Assault and Battery, The Lobbyist, Never-Elected (he received a whopping 7 votes in his first election campaign and never won an election), The Wand of Death

Trump's Cabinet

Trump cabinet nicknames and Trump administration nicknames: Monster's Ball (David Axelrod), The White Supremacist House, The Sicko-phants (Michael R. Burch), Trumplandia, The Swamp Cabinet, Ku Klux Kabinet, KKK-Mart, Three-Ring Circus, Killer Klown Kar, The Roundhead Table, The West Wingers, The West Wingnuts, Moscow on the Hudson (Michael R. Burch), The AmeriKKKan Kremlin, The Kremlin Connection, Putin's Puppets, Putin's Proxies, Dr. Strangelove & Co., Dawn of the Brain Dead, The Underlings, The A$$lickers, The Re-Cuss-Ants, The Cowering Inferno, The Undivine Comedy, The Kings of Unintentional Comedy, The Tenth Circle of Hell, Trump's Inner Circle = Trump Sinner Circle

Vice President Mike Pence nicknames: Hoosier, Cuddles, Trumpence None the Retcher (Michael R. Burch), Silver Faux Fox, The Mad Monk, Dense Pence, Out of the Loop Dupe (USA Today), Mike Pensive, The Foxhole Huddler, The Fence Sitter, THE VICEROY, The Vice Antichrist

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson nicknames: T-Rex, Rexosaurus, T-Wrecks, Rex Drillerson, Rex Shillerson, Rex Killerson, Rex Billerson, Putin's Puppet, Putin's Rasputin (Michael R. Burch), Rexputin, The Invisible Man, Secretary of Wait (Michael R. Burch), Secretary in State (Michael R. Burch), Deep State Secretary

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry nicknames: Crotch (because he wore tight jeans and "adjusted" himself often), Dumbass, Secretary of the Department of Oops! ("Whazzat? Duh, I forget!"), Rick Fairy, Rick Moronic, Rick Moreanus, Texas Toast

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos nicknames: Cruella DeVos, Cruella DeVile, Diva DeVos, DeVile DeVos, DeVoid DeVos, Devolution DeVos, Wetsy Betsy, Betsy Dross, The Education Terminator, Madame DeVoucher

Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin nicknames: Hedge Hog, PAC-man, No-Chin Mnuchin, The Foreclosure King, The Forecloser, The Double-Downer, The Granny Terminator, Dune Messiah

Secretary of Defense James Mattis nicknames: Mad Dog, Warrior Monk, Mad Monk, Chaos (his very appropriate call-sign)

Former Secretary of Defense Mike Flynn nicknames: Dr. Strangelove, In Like Flynnt, Red Flynnstone (Michael R. Burch), "Flynn Facts," Putin's Pawn, Amerika's Angriest General, Flynnskint, Red Flynn, The Canary (because he's about to sing like one)

Secretary of Agriculture George Ervin Perdue III nicknames: Sonny, Ophie Junior (his mother's name was Ophie), The Rainman (he once "prayed up a storm" pleading for rain)

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke: Rinky-Dink Zinke, The SOFA Commando (Special Operations Fraud & Anarchy), The Bozeman Bozo, The Knife Collector, On-the-Blink Zinke

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross nicknames: Ross Rothschild (he worked for N. M. Rothschild & Sons), The Bankruptcy King, Wilbur Wrong Force, Heavens to Betsy Ross

Secretary of Labor Andrew Puzder nicknames: Putz Puzder, Colonel Klink, CKE-n Little, The Wage Terrorist, The Wage Deflator, The Lowballer, The Burger-Bikini Baron, Randy Andy

Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta nicknames: Alex, Dean, Trump's Token Hispanic, The Exile (his parents are Cuban refugees)

Secretary of Health & Human Services Tom Price nicknames: The Amerikan Mengele, Tom Sellout, One Man Death Panel, The Six Million Death Man, Tom Thumb, Tom "Profit More" Price, Tom "the Price is Your Life"

Secretary of HUD Ben Carson nicknames: Psychopath (Donald Trump), HUD Ornament (Michael R. Burch), Crazy Ben Carson, Dummy (his childhood nickname), Eli (his Secret Service code name), One Nation (his choice)

Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin nicknames: Skulkin' Shulkin (Michael R. Burch), The Designated Survivor

Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly nicknames: Hobo, The Hitcher (he hopped freighters in his youth), Moonshine ("My first time overseas was taking 10,000 tons of beer to Vietnam!")

Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao nicknames: Mrs. Mitch McConnell, Tiger Wife (Stuart Bloch), Madame Secretary, Fireworks, Short Fuse

Deputy Attorney General Dana J. Boente nicknames: Deputy Dawg, Trump's Lapdog, Barney Fife, Goober, The Decoy

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein nicknames: Rosey Red, Russian Red, Red Rod, Rowdy Roddy Fib-Piper

Attorney General Jeff Sessions nicknames: The Hobbit (Trevor Noah), Nervous Tick (Conan O'Brien), Kangaroo Court Sessions, Hessian Sessions, Secessionist Sessions, Russian Red Sessions, Rushin' Sessions, Stressin' Sessions (Elizabeth Harris Burch), Stonewall Sessions, Jefferson "No Regard" Sessions (his full name is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions), Disjointed Sessions, Nervous Nellie, Detour-ney General, Round-a-Bout Bubba, The Mal-Lingerer, Sgt. Schultz ("I know nutthink!"), General Beau-Beau (rhymes with "Do-Do" like the bird)

Trump's Allies, Supporters, Henchmen, Associates and Lapdogs

White House Pres Secretary Sean Spicer nicknames: Scary Spicer (Elizabeth Harris Burch), Vanilla Spice, Vanilla Spicer, The Spice of Death, Sean Sphincter (College Voice), Hedgehog and Hedge-Dodger (after Spicer hid behind a hedge to avoid reporters), Spittler, Shitler, Twitler, The Holocaust Apologist, The Mouthpiece (David Horsey), Spicy, Motor Mouthpiece, Sean "the Truth Icer" Spicer, Sean "Dawn of the Dead" Spicer, Spokestoady, Spokestwit, Spokestot, Spokesboy, Spokestoddler, Spokestool, Spokesmoron, Spokesliar, Spokeswhiner, Press Reagent, Full Court Press, The Tass A$$, Tass Light, The Tass-manian Devil, Amerikan Goebbels, Wormtongue, Sinister Spice, Little Tattletale Teller, Sauerkraut Spicer, Five Alarm Spicer, The S**t Spicer, Tokyo Rose, Spastic Spicer, Trump's Human Twitter Feed, The Baghdad Bobblehead, Spiced Whiner, Spiced Lice, The Slime Spreader, Skippy, Old Spice, The Depressing Press Secretary, Former Press Secretary, The High Wire Liar

Chair of the House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz nicknames: Chaff, Chaffy, Chaff-Lips, Chipmunk, Chipmunk Cheeks, Cheeky, No-Tell Hotel Chaffetz, Grandstanding Charlatan (Heather Digby Parton), Jason "Putin on the Ritz" Chaffetz, (Michael R. Burch), Jason and the Ego-Nuts (Michael R. Burch), Half-Assed Chaffetz

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes nicknames: Known-Nothing Nunes, Numbnuts Nunes, Devin Devil, Nanu Nanu Nunes, See-no-Evil-Hear-no-Evil-but-sure-as-hell-embrace-Evil Nunes

Erik Prince nicknames: The Prince of Darkness, Creature from the Blackwater Lagoon, The Mercenary, Soldier of Misfortune, The Envoy, Trump's Unofficial Russian Envoy

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher: Putin's Favorite Congressman, Putin's Apologist, Putin's Proxy, Assad's AmeriKlan Ally, Dana the Red, Red Dana, Dirty Dana 
SEC Chairman Walter J. Clayton nicknames: Jay, Jaybird, The Bailout King, The Wall Street Jaywalker, Goldman Sacks Washington, Hatin' Clayton

Trump donor Robert Mercer nicknames: Hedge Hog, PACman, Dark Money, The Megadonor, Merciless Mercer, Ming the Merciless, The Cluster Fucker, The Quant King, The Money Man, The Cat Talker, Bob

Trump donor Rebekah Mercer nicknames: Bekah, Bekah Bilker, Bannon's Backer, The Whiny Hellcat

Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn nicknames: Sachs-man, Cohn's Disease, A$$hole, Con Tiki, Globalist Gary, The Government Sacker, The Risk Taker, The TARP King, Bailout Boy

Legislative Affairs Assistant to the President Marc Short nicknames: Short of the Marc, Shortstop, Shortcut, Koch Addict, Koch Lite, The A$$-istant, Dark Money Marc, Junior Asshole, Short Attention Span Marc, The Dark Money Operative

Comptroller of the Currency nominee Joseph Otting nicknames: Outed Otting (after he claimed to have a degree from Dartmouth that Dartmouth doesn't even offer), "Leave it to Otter" Joe

Felix Sater nicknames: The Margarita Assassin, Felix Satyr, Red Felix, The Hudson on Moscow (Sater worked on plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow), The Red Turk

Mitt Romney nicknames: Bishop Romney, The RomneyBot, Plastic Man, Bain in the Ass (David Letterman's #1), King of Bain (Newt Gingrich), Mitt the Twit (The Sun of London, Rupert Murdoch), Mr. Magical Undies

Mike Huckabee nicknames: Judas, Huckster Huckabee, Huckleberry Spin, Huckmaster General, Huck Fuckabee, Huck Upchuck, Brother Smother, Tax Hike Mike, Triple Wide, Duck Hunter

Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders nicknames: Miss Huckster, Basic Atrocity, Women's Fibber, Sister Smother, Slimy Sellout, Train Wreck, Miss Derailment, Faux News Vixen, Lil' Spice, Less Seasoned Spice

Chris Christie nicknames: Christie Kreme, The Illsbury Dough-Boy, Cookie Monster, Big Boy (George W. Bush), Pork Chop, Enormes Pantalones, Pufferfish, Trueheart (his choice for a Secret Service code name), Trump's Cream Puff, "Beached" Whale, Beach Boy, The New Jersey Sunblocker, Cripsy Christie

Ann Coulter nicknames: AnnThrax, Coultergeist, Beltway Barbie, Cuckoo Coulter, Chairman Ann, Ann Coltrear, Colt 34D (allegedly her bra size, but a man would have to drink a helluva lot of Colts to be sure!)

Joe Arpaio nicknames: Wyatt Twerp, Boss Hogg, Big Pig, The Maricopa Madman, Captain James Tiberius Jerk, Colonel Klink, Officer Loco, Wiley E. Peyote, Lawrence of Insania, Tonto, Prickzilla Queen of the Desert

Jeb Bush nicknames: Tortoise (George W. Bush), Low Energy (Donald Trump), Eveready (Jeb's retort to Trump when asked to pick his Secret Service code name), Veto Corleone, The Bushmaster, Bush League, Gator

Carly Fiorina nicknames: Chainsaw Carly (for all the jobs she cut at HP and Compaq), Golden Parachutress, The Anti-Hillary, Secretariat (her choice for a Secret Service code name)

John Kasich nicknames: Pope (he wanted to be the pope as a boy), Unit One (his choice for a Secret Service code name), Unit Two (his wife's alternate suggestion!)

Rand Paul nicknames: Mr. Nerdy Perm, Mr. Poodle-'Do, Mr. Death Spiral, Mr. Just-Kill-Them-All!, Truly Weird Rand Paul (Donald Trump), Justice Never Sleeps (his choice for a Secret Service code name; he later called it "one of those nicknames you try to make happen and miserably fail")

Scott Walker nicknames: The Desperado (in his high school yearbook), Niedermeyer (after an overly aggressive ROTC leader in the movie Animal House), Scott Balker, Harley (his choice for a Secret Service code name)

Rupert Murdoch nicknames: Rupert Murder-Doc, Papa Doc, Ru Paul (Stephen Colbert), The Last Press Baron (CNN), the Dirty Digger (Ian Hislop), the Mudslinger, the Faux Fox, Murdoch of the Mammaries

Roger Ailes nicknames: Roger the Unartful Dodger, The Sex Cadger Codger, Roger Flogger, Roger the Sex Rabbit, The Predator, The Human Toad (SemDem on Daily Kos)

Sean Hannity nicknames: Sean O'Scammity (Michael R. Burch), Sean of the Dead, Lumpy (Jon Stewart), Handy Hannity, Shammity, Sean Vanity, Sean Insanity, Loverboy, Flubberboy

Trump lawyer Sheri A. Dillon nicknames: Gunsmoke (pun on Matt Dillon), The Smoking Gun, The Hired Gun, Ms. Trust (pun on "mistrust"), Trump's Legal Beagle

Michael Steele nicknames: The Sesame Street Guy (Jon Stewart, who compared him to Grover), The Man of Steal (pun on stealing elections and human rights, two GOP objectives)

Rob Portman nicknames: Beltway Rob, PAC-Man, The Lobbyist, The Insider, The Outsourcer, The Job Robber, Washington's First Porter, Any Port in a Shit Storm, Portmanteau

Rod Blum nicknames: Bloomin' Idiot, The Screener, The Stalker, The Quitter (after Blum stalked out of an interview in which he was asked why he screens attendees of his "public" meetings)

Trump senior political adviser Stephen Miller nicknames: Young Gargamel (Stephen Colbert), Sméagol (Trevor Noah), Basic Henchman  (Trevor Noah), Master of Mendacity (Frank Vyan Walton), Neo-Jackboot (Frank Vyan Walton), The Love-Wall-Builder, "Mad Men" Miller, The Sh*tstreamer, The True Believer & Deceiver

Rudy Giuliani nicknames: Trudy, Julianne, Rudy the Red-Nosed Panderer, Amerika's Scariest Mayor, Rude Rudy, Trump's Scamp-aign Manager, Batshit Crazy Rudy


Trump donor Sylvain Mirochnikoff nicknames: The Trader, The Director, The Exotic Equity Derivatives Trader
Trump spokesperson and attorney Michael D. Cohen nicknames: Kremlin Charlie, Lavrov's Dog (pun on Pavlov's Dog)
Deputy National Security Adviser K. T. McFarland nicknames: Far-Out McFarland, The Ditz, McFibber, The Airhead
Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategy Dina Habib Powell nicknames: Sachs-girl, Sachs Diva
Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn nicknames: Deputy Lap Dawg, Greenhorn Dearborn, Stillborn Dearborn, Red Rick, Russian Rick
Deputy Communications Director Jessica Ditto nicknames: Ditto, "Ditto That," Miss Redundant, Bevin's Bane, Trump's Blonde Brander  
Personal Aide John McEntee nicknames: Aide de Camp, Aide de Kampf, Teed-Off McEntee
Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin nicknames: Ragin' Hagin
Executive Assistant Madeline Westerhout nicknames: Trump's Toady, Wicked Witch of the Westerhout
Director of Oval Office Operations Keith Schiller nicknames: The Shill
Newt Gingrich nicknames: Tadpole, Angry Tadpole, Angry Muffin (Peggy Noonan), Bloated Bullfrog, The One Stop Lobby Shop
Mike Pompeo nicknames: Pompous Asshole, Putin's Pompous Pimp
Peter Navarro nicknames: The EEKonomist, Bullshitter in the China Shop
Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh nicknames: Welshing Walsh, Katie Bar the Door
Director of Strategic Communications Hope Hicks nicknames: Hopeless Hicks, Tricky Hicky
Antonin Scalia nicknames: Antonin "Scaly" Scalia, Nino (Spanish for "infant"), El Nino, El Ninny
Anthony Scaramucci nicknames: Anthony "Scary" Scaramucci, Scarface
David Melech Friedman nickames: Moloch, Fried Brain Man, Mr. Apartheid, Israel's Goebbels
Sebastian Gorka nicknames: Gorky Park, Dorky Park, Borat, The Irregular, The Mad Hungarian, The Hun, The Incredible Shrinking "Expert" Witness
Carl Icahn nicknames: Mr. Delorean, Mr. Bailout, Mr. Too Big Not to Fail, The Grey Grifter, Back to the Suture, The Artful Dodger
Daniel Coates nicknames: Dan, Offshore Dan, Coates of Many Colors
White House Counsel Don F. McGahn nicknames: The Enabler, Cover Artist, Undercover Artist (he does cover songs), Guitar Dan
Michael Dubke nicknames: Mike, Karl Rove Jr., Mystery Man, Happy Warrior
Peter Navarro nicknames: Novice, Nutjob, Ninny
Ajit Pai nicknames: Dark Yoda, The Agitator, The Net Neutrality Negator, The Broadband Baron, Big Brother, Trump's Sinister Swami
Glenn Beck nicknames: Voldemort, Emotional Fescue (Michael R. Burch), American Rhodes, Glen "Weepin'-'n'-Wailin'" Beck
Kevin McCarthy nicknames: Kevin “Loose Lips Sink Ships” McCarthy
Dave Brat nicknames: Bratman, Terrible Tyke, Dark Night of the Soul
Raul Labrador nicknames: Raul "Lapdog" Labrador, Black Lab, Trump's Retriever, Labrador Guppy
Dick Cheney nicknames: The Penguin, Mr. Vice, Big Time (George W. Bush), Duke Nukem
Donald Rumsfeld nicknames: Rummy (George W. Bush), Rheumy, Rheumatoid
Karl Rove nicknames: Turd Blossom (George W. Bush), Turd Polisher (George H. W. Bush), Rover, Red Rover, Red Raver
John Boehner nicknames: Boner (George W. Bush), Orange Man, Trump's Tan Companion
John McCain nicknames: Hogan (George W. Bush), The Maverick (Sarah Palin)
Maureen Dowd nicknames: The Cobra (George W. Bush), Howdy Dowdy, Dowdy Do-Wrong, Fraulein Dowdy
Kayleigh McEnany nicknames: Kellyanne Lite, Inane McEnany, McLiar, Blond Bombshell Exploding into Alternative Facts
Dan Scavino nicknames: Scarface, The Scavenger, Social Media Czar, Trump's Twitter Babysitter (Michael R. Burch)
David Bossie nicknames: Bossy, the Boss, Bessie
Secretary of the Army Mark Green nicknames: Greenhorn, Greensleeves, Emergency!, The Medic, Critical Care, The Homophobe
National Security Adviser General Herbert Raymond McMaster nicknames: Master of Disaster, McMonster, H.R., Bannon's Banisher
Ezra Cohen-Watnick nicknames: The Tapp Dancer, Deep Bloat, The Informant, The Whistleblower (Paul Ryan), Flynn's Flunked Flunkey
Michael Ellis nicknames: Eely Ellis, The Eel, Ellis Islander, Deep Bloat II
John Eisenberg nicknames: The Illegal Eagle, Deep Bloat III, Iceberg
Billy Bush nicknames: Bush League, The Bush Beater
Richard LeFrak nicknames: The Mogul, The Overseer
Harrison LeFrak nicknames: The Brain, Dirty Harry
Chris Ruddy nicknames: Ruddy Buddy, Trump's Spokespal, Newsminion, The Smokescreen, Russian Red Ruddy, Chris Phish, Bad Fungus
Jeff Flake nicknames: The Flake, Snow Flake, Corn Flake, Flake the Snake, Fake Spews
Senator Dean Heller nicknames: Heller High Water, Hell's Bells, The Hellion, The Dean of Healthcare Hell, Hell on Greased Wheels
Tom Cotton nicknames: Cottonmouth, Cotton Candypants, White Fluff, The White Cotton King, Uncle Tom, Tehran Tom
John Cornyn nicknames: Corndog (George W. Bush), Cornpone, Corn Prone, Corncob, Corny, KKK Cornyn
Lamar Alexander nicknames: Hedy, Alexander the Ungreat, The Candyman
John Barrasso nicknames: Bare Ass, The Ass, The A$$hole, Wyoming's Doktor, John-Boy
Mike Lee nicknames: Mikey, The General, The Ungreat Dane, Alito Jr.
Cory Gardner nicknames: The Unconstant Gardner, Tory Cory, The GOP Bad Idea Man, C-Money, The Young Gun, Scattershot
Pat Toomey nicknames: Sock It Toomey, Senator Elevator (because he dodged Trump by hiding in an elevator), Stand Pat Toomey
Mike Enzi nicknames: Hate Frenzy Enzi, The Wyoming Homophobe, The Hate Crime Defender
John Thune nicknames: Out-of-Tune Thune, The Giant Killer
AshLee Strong nicknames: Eddie Munster's Press Secretary, The SpinMistress, The Black Widow
James Comey nicknames: Homey Comey, Show Me Comey, The Election Rigger, Trump's Red-Headed Stepchild
Sam Nunberg nicknames: The Nun, Nanoo Nunberg, Sam the None
Marc E. Kasowitz nicknames: Marc the Narc, Case o' Nits
Barry Bennett nicknames: Bennet Dick Arnold, Bare Net Bennet
Budget Director Mick Mulvaney nicknames: Mick the Prick, Mick the Vain, Whether Vane Mick, Insane Mulvaney
Attorney Jay Sekulow nicknames: Jaybird, Jaywalker, Jay "Seek the Low Road" Sekulow
Nick Ayers nicknames: Airhead Ayers, Hot Air Ayers
Josh Holmes nicknames: Sherlock Holmes's Dumber Brother, Josh "the Dudd" Holmes
Seema Verma nicknames: The Verminator
Johnny DeStefano nicknames: Stephanie, The Sob Boss, The Headhunter, The Rushin' Recruiter, Mr. Flip Flop
Margaret Peterlin nicknames: The Gatekeeper
Brian Hook nicknames: Hook'n'Crook, The Hooker, Mr. Memo
Corey Stewart nicknames: The Apprentice, Trump's Firee, The Cuckservative, Prince William Unsound, Mr. AR-15

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