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Steve Bannon Nicknames and Quotes

This page contains the best Steve Bannon nicknames that I have been able to find—including Darth Bannon, Loose Cannon Bannon, Bannon the Barbarian, Sloppy Steve, Homeless Guy and Bam Bam—and some that I came up with myself. I have also included Steve Bannon quotes and nicknames he coined for other people.

Steve Bannon nicknames have been coined by Steve Bannon himself, Breitbart, Stephen Colbert, Kellyanne Conway, David Letterman, James Mattis, Bill Murray, Kate McKinnon, Newsweek, Trevor Noah, Politico, Salon, Anthony Scaramucci, Ben Shapiro, SNL, TIME, Donald Trump, Vanity Fair and Michael Wolff.

Twin peas in an evil pod: Trump and Bannon. Stuart Stevens described Bannon as “an odd, strangely repulsive figure who is trying to use the political process to work through personal issues of anger and frustration.”

The Build the Wall Bandit has turned a crowdfunder into crowdplunder.

The coronavirus has awarded Steve Bannon the following titles and epaulets for his very generous work on its behalf: the COVID Hominid, the COVID Kid, Kid Corona, the COVIDiot, the China Sin-Drone, the Wuhan Conman
, and Coronavirus in Semi-Human Form.

I'm a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that's my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today's establishment.Stephen K. Bannon in his own words

Darkness is good. Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That's power.Stephen K. Bannon

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Bannon the Beheader called for the beheadings of Dr. Anthony Fauci and CIA Director Christopher Wray.

Stephen K. Bannon Nicknames

The Wilting Wallflower (The New York Times said Bannon was "wilting" in the wake of Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury)
The Grim Reaper (SNL)
My Steve (Donald Trump)
Trump's Torch
The White Nationalist Torchbearer
Bam Bam (Donald Trump)

According to Eliana Johnson of Politico, when allegations of domestic abuse surfaced against Steve Bannon during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump said: "Don't worry about Bam Bam, he's locked away in a room working 20 hours a day. He never comes out." According to Johnson, it was Trump who gave Bannon the nickname Bam Bam, and he gave it specifically because Bannon had assaulted his wife. Bannon was charged with domestic violence and battery in the 1996 incident. But to Trump abusing women is apparently a joke.

The Build the Wall Bandit
The Bill the Wall Bandit
The Shill the Wall Bandit
Carvey Wallbanger
The Wall Shillder
The Hole in the Wall Gangster

Federal prosecutors just put a ban on Bannon. Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump now claims to never have supported the We Build the Wall scam. But Trump ally Kris Kobach said in an interview that he had spoken with Trump three times about the private border wall project and that Trump was “enthusiastic” about the project and gave it his personal blessing. Speaking on an episode of the “We Build the Wall” show in May 2019, Kobach, the general counsel for the project as well as a board member, said he periodically gave Trump updates on the progress of the project. New York federal prosecutors have charged Trump's former adviser Steve Bannon and three others with defrauding donors of hundreds of thousands of dollars during a fundraising campaign for the project. “I’ve spoken to the President about this project on three occasions now,” Kobach said. “And he said — the first time I told him about it — he said, ‘well, you tell the guys at We Build The Wall, that they have my blessing.’ And he used those exact words.” Kobach added, “And he’s continually, I’ve met with, I meet with him or talk with him on the phone periodically, and I just spoke with him about it, I want to say about a week and a half ago, keeping him up to speed on our progress as well. So he’s enthusiastic.”

Trump's Thomas Cromwell (Bannon himself)

Bannon has compared himself to Thomas Cromwell, the arch-schemer and right-hand man to England’s wife-beheading King Henry VIII. It bears mention that Cromwell was publicly beheaded by said Henry VIII. Can the American Cromwell expect any more mercy from Don the Con?

The Devil Incarnate (General James Mattis)
Darkness Incarnate
Trump's Eminence Grise (David A. Graham)
Gríma Wormtongue

Little Donnie Daycare Provider
The Wet Nurse

I'm sick of being a wet nurse for a seventy-one-year-old.―Steve Bannon

Bannon the Barbarian (Bannon himself)
Bannon the Beheader
Beheader Bannon
Berserker Bannon
Loose Cannon Bannon
Darth Vader
Darth Bannon
Sith Lord Bannon
Darth Insidious
The Great Boor of Babble-On (Michael R. Burch)
Deceivin' Stephen
The False Profit

Robert Redford dredged from a river (Stephen Colbert)
Homeless Guy on his last bender (Michael R. Burch)
Homeless Guy (Donald Trump)

Guy looks homeless. Take a shower, Steve. You've worn those pants for six days.―Donald Trump, quoted by Michael Wolff

Sloppy Steve (Donald Trump)
The Lush you find comatose in a liquor store gutter (Michael R. Burch)
Frumpers (Bill Murray, on SNL)
Death Warmed Over (Kate McKinnon, on SNL)

Acting President Bannon

The Ringleader
King of Kingmakers (Bill Murray, on SNL)
Ozymandias (Bill Murray, on SNL)

Stephen KKK Bannon
White Power Walrus (Trevor Noah)
The AmeriKlan Idol
The Banner
Banner Bannon

Wrongplan (Newt Gingrich)
The Cannibal (Newt Gingrich)
The Wrongway Banner (Newt Gingrich)

Minister of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda (Goebbels' title in Hitler's cabinet)
Minister of Truth (for fascists)
Minister of Alternate Truth
Minister of Ruth
Mini-Mart Machiavellian Genius and Master Strategist of the Republican Fourth Reich (Salon)
Shambolic Leninist (Salon)
Trump's Frenemy (Salon)
The Leninist
The Amerikan Goebbels
The Marxist Marksman

Mr. Alt-Right
Mr. Alt-Reich
The Alt-Reichmaster
The ALT-RIGHT-DELETEr (Michael R. Burch)
The Alt-Right Igniter
The Alt-Right Blight Inciter
The Alt-Right Hate Inciter (Bannon said, "Let the grass roots turn on the hate.")
The Classless Class Warrior
Mr. Superior Jeans

Vanity Snare (after Bannon was quoted by Vanity Fair saying that Donald Trump is like an 11-year-old child)
The Bannon Cannon (Bill Murray, on SNL)
Trump's Brain (Elizabeth Williamson)
Stone Cold Crazy Steve Bannon
Shag-Nasty (Michael R. Burch)
Bull in a China Shop ("China’s everything. Nothing else matters. We don’t get China right, we don’t get anything right.") 
The Breitbart Fart
Dr. Evil (Ted Lieu)
The Self-Promoter (Donald Trump)
The Great Manipulator (TIME)
The Great Baby-Man-ipulator
The Great Totipulator
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (David Letterman)
Deep State Stephen
Rupert Murder-Doc
Mr. Destructo
The Arsonist
The Anarchist
The Revolutionary (Bannon himself, in a Vanity Fair interview)
The Rebel (Keith Koffler)
The Propagandist
Supremacist Steve
The Dark Master of Disaster
Stephen Stipulator
Little Stevie Blunder
The Operator
The Operative
The Doom Messiah
The Mad Prophet
The Rad Prophet
The Alt-Right Ideologue (Elizabeth Williamson)
The Junkyard Dog (Bannon himself)
The American Prospector (after his interview with The American Prospect led to Bannon being banned from the White House)
Ban-on Bannon
Bye Bye Bannon
Banned Bannon
Banished Bannon
The Bannon Brand Builder (Anthony Scaramucci)
The Puppet Master
The Puppy Master
Dr. Doom
Dr. Gloomypants
The Democrats' Perfect Weapon (Newsweek)
Populist Hero (by his own Breitbart Schmooze)

Dishonorable Mention: The DREAM Crusher, Sauron, Sour-Hun, The Boutique Banker, The Producer, The Profit Prophet, The Hate Fanner, Nasty (Ben Shapiro), The Dictator of Breitbart (Kurt Bardella), Evil Genius (a former Breitbart staffer), The Insular Insurgent, The Compulsive Populist, The Manipulator (Ben Shapiro), Coast-to-Coast (when playing basketball he would dribble the length of the court without passing), The Bully (Ben Shapiro), The General (Kellyanne Conway), The Destroyer (Bannon served on a Navy destroyer), Bannon the Unreasonable (Newsweek), Bannon the Unreasoning, Bannon Agonistes (Newsweek), Bane, Disgruntled Couch Potato, The Mad Bomber, The Grassroots Guru, The Protectionist, The Tribune, Trump's Rasputin, The Zealot, Sneaky Steve, Steve Svengali, Three-shirt-wearing bomb-thrower (POLITICO), The Anti-McConnell Avatar (POLITICO), The Swamped Creature, The Groveler, The Supplicant, The Sicko-phant, The Abject Fawner, Political Toast

Breitbart Nickames: Breitbartistan, Whitebart, Trump's personal Pravda (Ben Shapiro), White Noise (Michael R. Burch)

I have power.Stephen K. Bannon, in a Vanity Fair article

Donald Trump is "getting the animal spirits flowing in America."
Stephen K. Bannon, in a Newsweek article

Steve Bannon is a prolific coiner of nicknames. Bannon has called Trump supporters Hobbits and a Collection of Clowns. Bannon has called Trump a number of unflattering things, including Archie Bunker, Amnesty Don, Imperfect Vessel and an 11-Year-Old Child. Bannon called the Trump campaign an Island of Misfit Toys and the Trump administration a Sinking Ship of State. And he called Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump the insulting nickname Javanka, as if they can't think or speak independently.

NEWS FLASH: There is some excellent news in Trumpzania!!! Recently Darth Bannon, aka Acting President Bannon, announced that he is very "proud" of his protégé The Boychurian Candidate. The beaming Sith Lord is proud of Trump because, by his own admission, Bannon is a Leninist and like Lenin he wants to destroy the state―in this case the United States of America. And of course Trump is the perfect president, if one wants to destroy America! David Duke, Robert Spencer and Vladimir Putin are also very proud of Trump, or are at least will be very happy to feast on the carcass of the United States once all the internal bloodletting is over. These are the people who really matter to Trump. So all is well, no matter how badly it ends for the rest of us!

NEWS CRASH: Unfortunately, or very fortunately as the case may be, we can now say farewell to Banned Bannon. Why? Is it because Bye Bye Bannon sided with white nationalists and thus undermined the Trump regime? Not at all! Trump reportedly fired Bannon for finally telling the truth when he admitted that there is no military solution to North Korea!

NEWS DRIFTING ASH: Uncle Scam always hires and fires the best people! How do we know? Because he told us so! Telepathetic Trump has the infallible ability to identify the perfect person for any position: The Mooch, Rinse and Spit Priebus, Scary Spicer, Red Flynnstone, James EZ-Comey-EZ-Goey, Darth Bannon, et al. Is it Don Quixote's fault that people turned into human lemons the minute they started working under him and he had to let them go? Of course not! Trump is always blameless, whether he's groping women's genitals, barging into teenage girls' dressing rooms, handing Syria and Ukraine over to Mr. Putin on gold-plated platters, robbing Americans of their healthcare, or starting World War III! In any case, there is now a ban on Bannon, so welcome to the ALT-CONTROL-DELETE Club!

Quick, before it's too late, impeach Stephen "Acting President" Bannon! And because President Bannon, a self-avowed anarchist and Leninist, is obviously in charge of Amerika's Bolshevik Revolution, we should call our sham president The Figurehead.

Friends, please don't act so surprised. This is was what happens when we elect an Orange-Tufted Shit Gibbon president. Now the ludicrous monkey dances to Organ Grinder Bannon's dark, evil tunes.

We all know how The Donald loves gold: hell, he even gold-plates his toilets! But did you know that Trump is in the process of "gold-plating" the White House, by turning it over to Goldman Sachs types? Trump has aided and abetted a Goldman Sachs Takeover of the U.S. government. To "sack" a city is to besiege, destroy and plunder it. Trump's avaricious Gold Sackers are now in the process of sacking Washington D.C., and the nation along with it. Trump's cabinet and key advisers include Gold Diggers like Stephen Bannon, Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchin, Dina Powell, Anthony Scaramucci and Jay Clayton. "I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over him," Trump said of Ted Cruz. "Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton." What Trump didn't bother to tell anyone is that he also bows down to and worships the same Golden Idols. The market value of Goldman Sachs soared by $4 billion in a single day as Mammon-Worshiper Trump signed an order to begin the process of dismantling Dodd-Frank, with former Goldman president Gary Cohn standing behind him, like Emperor Palpatine directing Darth Vader to destroy entire planets and their inhabitants in his quest for wealth and power. Goldman Sachs has watched its stock soar 33% in the short period of time that Trump has been president. Investors understand what the Sach-ing of America means. It means the rich get richer, while everyone else is forced to submit to the Trump Death Star, or perish.

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