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The Best Poetry Magazines and Literary Journals for Submissions (if you want "Recognition")

Please keep in mind that this list is, by definition, subjective, since "the best" is a matter of opinion. Also, by "best ... for submissions if you want 'recognition'" I mean just that. I am not saying that these journals are "better" than other journals, only that being published by them may be better from a "recognition" standpoint than being published by less-well-known outlets. Circulation figures are approximate, are for reference only, and are likely to be out of date. I have bolded the submission info pages for publishers who accept online and/or email submissions. I have ranked the publications primarily by circulation (if over 10,000 subscribers), then by general reputation, prestige and major awards (such as Pushcart Prize winners, poems in the Best American Poetry series, etc.).

Happy hunting! But please be realistic, because if you have not yet mastered English grammar and punctuation, you have little chance of being published by the magazines and journals below.

compiled by Michael R. Burch, editor of The HyperTexts

Featured Literary Journal

Better Than Starbucks is looking for a wide range of poetry, including Formal and Rhyming Poetry, Free Verse, Haiku, Poetry Translations, International Poetry, Sentimental Poetry, and ModPro & Experimental Poetry. You can submit up to 3 poems or 6 haiku in the body of an email to Please provide your full name, penname (if different) and return address. Previously published work is accepted, as long as you have retained rights to the poems in question.

The Top Ten Markets for Poetry, by Circulation

The New Yorker debuted in the 1920s and has nearly a million subscribers. Online submissions:

The Atlantic Monthly was founded in 1857 and has a circulation of 500,000. Submissions by email:

Harper's Magazine was launched in 1850. Circulation 200,000. Submissions by email:

The New Republic was founded in 1914 and has nearly 100,000 subscribers:

Granta has been publishing since 1889 and has almost 50,000 subscribers:

Boston Review
was founded in 1975 and has a circulation of 40,000. Online submissions:

Litteral Latte was founded in 1994 and has had a circulation as high as 30,000:

premiered in 1912 and has around 15,000 subscribers. Online submissions:

The Paris Review launched in 1953 and has around 15,000 subscribers:

American Poetry Review was founded in 1976 and has around 15,000 subscribers:

Threepenny Review launched in 1980 and has around 10,000 subscribers. Online submissions:

The Top Markets for Unknown, Under-Known and Emerging Poets

Here, we are trying to identify literary journals that have a reputation for giving "unknown," "under-known" and "emerging" poets a fair shot.

Better Than Starbucks


The Lyric (formal/traditional poetry)

The HyperTexts

Top Markets for Traditional, Formal, Metrical and Rhyming Poetry

While most contemporary poetry journals specialize in free verse, the most popular genre with readers remains traditional poetry. William Harmon in his introduction to The Classic Hundred All-Time Favorite Poems noted that only one of the hundred most popular poems is genuinely free verse. The other ninety-nine most popular poems all have fairly regular meter and/or rhyme. And the same is true of virtually all popular song lyrics: whether traditional, classic, folk, pop, rock, country, rockabilly, blues, jazz, reggae, rap, hip-hop, acid, headbanger, punk or grunge. Human audiences obviously prefer rhythm and rhyme. Here, then, are poetry journals that favor (or at least don't discriminate against) meter and rhyme.

Better Than Starbucks

The Lyric, founded in 1921, is the oldest American journal dedicated to traditional poetry

Light Quarterly (Light is a premier publisher of light, humorous verse)

The Eclectic Muse

Evansville Review

The Formalist
(Howard Nemerov Sonnet Contest)

Hudson Review

The HyperTexts

The Raintown Review

The Road Not Taken

The Rotary Dial

Sewanee Review

Measure (Measure Press is no longer publishing a literary journal, but continues to publish poetry books.)

Angle (It is our understanding that Angle is "taking a break" from accepting poetry submissions.)

For more links, see the expanded listing at the bottom of this page. Other literary journals that either favor formal poetry, or don't discriminate against it, include 32 Poems, Able Muse, American Arts Quarterly, Amnesty International's Words That Burn, Anima, Antiphon, Architrave Press, Asses of Parnassus (epigrams), Atavic Poetry, Atlanta Review, Barefoot Muse, Blue Unicorn, Boston Poetry Magazine, Brief Poems (epigrams), Cave Wall, The Chariton Review, Christian Century, Contemporary Rhyme, Epiphany, Fib Review (nonce form), The Flea, Freshet, Glass Facets of Poetry, Goblin Fruit, Hopkins Review, IthacaLit, Lavender Review, Lighten Up Online (light verse), Lunch Ticket, Mad Kane (limericks), Mezzo Cammin, Mythic Delirium, The New Yorker, Ottawa Arts Review, PN Review, Poem Today, Poem Tree, Poetry, Poetry Porch, Poetry Superhighway, Post Road, Prelude, Rat's Ass Review, Rattle, River Styx, ShatterColors Literary Review, Shenandoah, Shot Glass Journal (epigrams), Sliptongue, Snakeskin, Society of Classical Poets (albeit lax editing), Sonnet Scroll (sonnets) Sound Literary Magazine, Southern Women's Review, Tahoma Literary Review, Think Journal, Thrush, Trinacria,, Unsettling Wonder, Unsplendid, Visions International, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Verse Virtual, Virginia Poetry Review, Washington Post (epigrams/light verse), Westward Quarterly, Whistling Shade. 

Other Top Markets for Poetry, by Venerability

North American Review, founded in 1815 by Nathan Hale, among others, is America's oldest literary magazine:

Yale Review
traces its history back to 1819, making it America's oldest literary magazine in continuous publication:

Southwest Review
debuted in 1915 and is currently published by SMU:

The Lyric
, founded in 1921, is the oldest American journal dedicated to traditional poetry:

Virginia Quarterly Review
has been published by the University of Virginia since 1925. Online submissions:

Prairie Schooner
has been publishing since 1927:

Southern Review
has been published by Louisiana State University since 1935:

Kenyon Review
debuted in 1939 and is highly regarded. Online submissions:

Antioch Review
has been published by Antioch College since 1941:

Chicago Review
was founded in 1946:

Hudson Review
was founded in 1947 and has won many awards:

Black Warrior Review
was founded in 1947. Online submissions:

Georgia Review
, published by the University of Georgia, started in 1947:

has been published by Cornell University since 1947:

began publishing in 1949:

debuted in 1958. Online submissions:

Massachusetts Review
debuted in 1959. Online submissions:

Crazy Horse
has been publishing since 1960. Online submissions:

The Iowa Review
has been published by the University of Iowa since 1970: Online submissions:

Iowa Review
premiered in 1970:

Oxford Review
was founded in the 1970s:

was founded in 1971 and has garnered many honors. Online submissions:

has been published by Boston University since 1972. Online submissions:

debuted in 1976. Online submissions:

New England Review
launched in 1978. Online submission:

Missouri Review
debuted in 1978. Online submissions:

Latecomers and Upstart Crows

Boulevard has been publishing since 1985. Online submissions:

New American Writing
launched in 1986:

Harvard Review
began in 1986. Online submissions:

Gettysburg Review
was founded in 1988:

Connecticut Review

Tin House
debuted in 1998 and soon became a leading literary magazine by reputation:

Alaska Quarterly Review
has been published by the University of Alaska (Anchorage) since 1980:

Mcsweeney's Quarterly Concern
was founded in 1988. Online submissions:

hit the post in 1998. Online submissions:

American Scholar
started in 1999. Online submissions:

launched in 2006 and was soon making waves:

debuted in 1987. Online submissions:

started electrifying readers in 1991. Online submissions:

has been publishing since 1995. Email for guidelines:

exploded on the poetry scene in 1981:

Barrow Street
launched in 1998:

Five Points,
published by Georgia State University, was founded in 1996. Online submissions:

Cincinnati Review
launched in 2003:

Other Markets for Traditional, Formal, Metrical and Rhyming Poetry

14 by 14
32 Poems
Adanna Literary Journal
Alabama Literary Review
American Arts Quarterly
Atavic Poetry
The Barefoot Muse
Blast Furnace
Blue Unicorn
Boston Poetry
Cartys Poetry Journal
Cave Wall
The Chimaera
Columbia College Literary Review
The Comstock Review
Contemporary Rhyme
Crab Orchard Review
Dappled Things
Dark Horse
Deronda Review
Donít Just Sit There
Expansive Poetry Online
First Things
The Flea
Goblin Fruit
Iambs & Trochees
Imitation & Allusion
Innisfree Poetry Journal
Interpreters House
Iron Horse Literary Review
The Ivy Review
Lavender Review
Lighten Up Online
Literary Bohemian
Literary Hatchet
Loch Raven Review
London Magazine
Lucid Rhythms
Mezzo Cammin
National Poetry Review
The Nervous Breakdown
New Criterion
New Trad Journal
New Verse News
New Walk
North American Review
O Sweet Flowery Roses
Off the Coast
Our Pipe Dreams
PN Review 
Poem Tree
Poetry Porch
Poetry Proper
Raven Chronicles
The Recusant
Redheaded Stepchild
River Styx
Rondeau Poetry Review
Rondeau Roundup
SP Quill
The Same
Scarlet Literary Magazine
Sewanee Theological Review
Shit Creek Review
Shot Glass
Smartish Pace
Sonnetto Poesia
String Poet 
Strong Verse
Think Journal 
Third Wednesday
Valparaiso Poetry Review
Verse Wisconsin   
The Victorian Violet
Vocabula Review

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