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Sex, Drugs 'n' Rock'n'Roll: an Index for Hedonists

compiled by Michael R. Burch

This page is an index of the best songs, song lyrics and poetry of all time, for people who primarily want to be moved and entertained by their drug of choice. And for good measure we've indexed other important things, such as the best heretical poems, the best epigrams, the best insults, and the dumbest things ever said (on a page which also includes the worst prophecies of all time).

Rock Jukebox: the Best Rock Lyrics of All Time

Songs and Poems that Changed the World

The Best Songs of All Time

The Best Christmas Songs of All Time

The Best Female Singer/Songwriters of All Time

The Most Beautiful Poems in the English Language

A Dram of Epigrams: the Best Epigrams of All Time

Wit and Fluff: the Best Humorous Epigrams, Anecdotes and Short Poems

Famous Insults: the Best Insults of All Time

Duh!: the Dumbest Things Ever Said


The Best Poems Ever

The Best Free Verse Poems of All Time

The Best of The HyperTexts

English Poetic Roots: a Brief History of Rhyme

The Masters: the Best Poems of the Best Poets

The Heretical Poets

Heresy Hearsay: the Best Heresies of All Time

Heretical Christmas Poems

Why I Left the Religious Right

Fall and Winter Poetry

Halloween Poetry

Arthurian Poems

The Early Poem Project

Essays & Assays: Poetics, etc.


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