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Michael R. Burch Critical Writings and Miscellanea

The following are links to various critical writings and miscellanea by Michael R. Burch:

Self-Analysis of Selected Poems: "Davenport Tomorrow" Analysis, "Neglect" Analysis, "Something" Analysis, "Self Reflection" Analysis

Aints, Saints, Formalist Plaints
Romanticism Then and Now
Romantic Poetry and Related Terms
Formal Poetry and Related Terms
Did Lord Bryon inspire the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley?
Rejection Slips: "Fine, even beautiful," just not for us ...
Drats, Rejected Again! (the continuing bias against formal poetry)
Weaponizing Chili
Addicted to Bush
Gods and Demigods Compared
The Embarrassing Intolerance of God
Heretical Poets
The Effete Fascist
The Dumbest Things Ever Said

English Poetry Timeline

Anglo-Saxon Riddles and Kennings
Wulf and Eadwacer
Native American Poetry
Urdu Poetry

Donald Trump: 666 Mark of the Beast

What did Jesus teach about Hell?
Was hell in the Original Bible?
Is the word "hell" in the Bible?
Is "hell" mentioned in the Old Testament?
Hell in the New Testament
How many times is "hell" mentioned in the Bible?
Hell is not Biblical!
Hell is not in the Bible!
Hell in Hebrew
Loving Christian Mothers and the Cult of Hell

A Simple Proof that Christians Really Are Immortal
The Trinity, an Update
The Spiritual Sasquatch

Is the Bible infallible, or the inerrant word of God?
The Bible's Satanic Verses
Is the Garden of Eden story true?
Is the Bible story of Noah's Ark true?
Is the Bible an Extraordinary book?

John of Patmos: Boom or Bust?

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