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Ted Cruz Birth in Canada: Is Ted Cruz an Anchor Baby?
Was Ted Cruz Planted in the United States as his Father's Favor to Fidel Castro?
Will a Kenyan President be Replaced by the Cruz Controller: a Cuban-Canadian Communist Double Agent?
Is Ted Cruz really "Castro's Revenge" for the Bay of Pigs?

Rafael Eduardo "Ted" Cruz is a Cuban-Canadian lounge act. He will lounge while you act. Michael R. Burch aka "The Loyal Opposition"

Ted Cruz is half Canadian and half Cuban. The wit of Justin Bieber combined with the people skills of Scarface.―Bill Maher

When the going gets tough, Ted Cruz gets going ... to the warmth and safety of the Cancn Ritz Carlton! Michael R. Burch aka "The Loyal Opposition"

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Is there a legitimate case to be made that Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for President of the United States because he is not a natural-born American citizen? Yes, there is a surprisingly strong case, which I will first lay out first in a summarized form, then discuss in more detail. As we will see, Dr. Laurence Tribe, the eminent Harvard Law professor who taught Ted Cruz the Constitution, has pointed out that, according to Cruz's own originalist interpretation of the Constitution, he is not a natural-born American citizen and therefore is not eligible to become President. He should be running for Prime Minister of Canada! Here are nine reasons Ted Cruz should NOT be running for president:

(1) Rafael "Ted" Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is thus a natural-born Canadian citizen according to the American Constitution as it was written in 1789.
(2) Should the United States accept a foreign birth certificate as evidence in a presidential election? What if the birth certificate were Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Syrian or North Korean? This is a "yuge" issue!
(3) Ted Cruz's father was, according to his own admission, an arsonist, gunrunner, recruiter and fundraiser for Fidel Castro and the Cuban Communists.
(4) Ted Cruz's father was not an American citizen at the time Cruz was born; his father instead elected to become a Canadian citizen. He abandoned his family before emigrating back to the United States.
(5) Ted Cruz's mother also appears on a Canadian voter registration list, suggesting that she too became a Canadian citizen.
(6) So it seems there is a much stronger case for Ted Cruz to be a natural-born Canadian citizen, than to be eligible to run for President of the United States.
(7) At the time Ted Cruz shut down the American government, he was still a Canadian citizen. Is it kosher for citizens of other nations to shut down our government and imperil our people?
(8) Can we trust the loyalty of Ted Cruz, really? Why has he never formally renounced his right, as the son of a native-born Cuban, to become a citizen of Cuba?
(9) Ironically, the person who should be arguing longest and loudest against a natural-born Canadian running for the American presidency is none other than Ted Cruz himself, according to the professor who taught him the Constitution!

Rafael Eduardo Cruz is a strict originalist when it comes to the Constitution that he claims to cherish so much. But when the American Constitution and Bill of Rights were written, a "natural born" citizen was someone born within a nation's borders or its territories' borders. Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada and is therefore a natural-born Canadian according to an originalist interpretation of the Constitution. While it is possible to argue that times have changed and "natural-born citizen" means something different today, Ted Cruz is, very ironically, the most ardent insister that the Constitution must be interpreted as it was originally written and intended!

Eric Posner, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School and the author of The Twilight of International Human Rights Law, has succinctly explained Ted Cruz's hypocrisy: "Cruz, whose campaign website has a section headed 'RESTORE THE CONSTITUTION,' believes that the Supreme Court has gone astray by refusing to enforce the original understanding of the Constitution." If he's right, then he's not eligible for the presidency. Cruz's tutor on the Constitution, the eminent Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe, agrees, pointing out that according to Cruz's own originalist interpretation of the Constitution, he cannot be considered a "natural born" citizen. Tribe has accused Cruz of "constitutional hypocrisy" for his wishy-washy way of claiming that it says whatever he prefers at the moment. Tribe said it is legally "unsettled" whether Cruz can run for president, because no court has ruled on the matter, but according to Cruz's own interpretation, he is ineligible.

Is Ted Cruz an "anchor baby" and a "chain migrationist" and possibly a Cuban double agent? Why, when his father was trying to join Fidel Castro and the Communist revolutionaries in the hills of Cuba, did he suddenly abandon the war for independence, sew money into his underwear and sail to the United States to attend college? Doesn't it seem strange that a man who has confessed to being a cell leader, recruiter, gunrunner and arsonist would suddenly abandon the quest of a lifetime to meekly attend classes in another country? ... Unless he was part of an even bigger plot: to put a Castro sympathizer in the White House!

Should we call Ted Cruz "Castro's Revenge"? Is this why Cruz keeps trying to shut down the American government? Did the immense internal pressure he put on our government help lead to the end of economic sanctions against Cuba? Did Cruz cripple the U.S. government so that Cuba could earn billions once economic sanctions were removed? 

And did Cruz give us a smirking clue when he was asked to pick a presidential code name? He chose "Cohiba," which seems very odd for an American president. I did some research, and I found this clue on a definition page for Cohiba: "The word Cuaba, which sounds a lot like Cohiba, is another old Taino Indian word for a highly flammable bush they used to make torches." Is the crafty and clever Cruz secretly laughing at us: Cohiba, Cuaba, Cuba!

What gall, to choose "Cuba" as his Secret Service code name! Is he telling us that Cuba will "torch" the United States, with his assistance? Does he think we're too dumb to figure out his double-agent-code-speak?

Here's another BIG clue: as a boy Ted Cruz was called Felito, which looks and sounds a lot like Fidelo, the diminutive form of Fidel. Felito is a form of Felix, so I did some research and in the book Soldier of Rome (page 121), I found this: "Felix is a noble name, it means Fidelity." So there you have it: Felito means Fidelity, which once again leads us back to Fidel Castro! Are Americans ready for a Cuban-Canadian president nicknamed after Fidel Castro? Is his nickname a pledge of fidelity to Fidel?

Where are the birthers when we need them? How can Rafael Cruz be allowed to steal the American presidency when it's quite possible that he was planted here by Fidel Castro as revenge for the Bay of Pigs and for JFK keeping nuclear missiles out of Cuba?

Why hasn't Ted Cruz formally renounced his claim to Cuban citizenship? Is he keeping the door ajar now, in order to fling it wide open the day he takes the oath of office: to godless Communism?

Should Americans be forced to accept a foreign birth certificate as evidence in an American presidential election? What if the nation in question were Russia, China, North Korea or Iran? Wouldn't putting our faith and trust in foreign documents leave us at the mercy of our enemies?

Incredibly and ironically, as the New York Daily News recently pointed out: "The proven, accepted, verified circumstances of Cruzs birth in Canada to an American mother and Cuban father are [exactly] the same circumstances the birther movement made up and claimed disqualified Obama!" And as Josh Earnest recently pointed out: "It would be quite ironic, after seven or eight years of drama over the President's birth certificate, if Republican voters were to choose Senator Cruz as their nominee: somebody who actually wasn't born in the United States and only eighteen months ago renounced his Canadian citizenship!" And he still hasn't renounced his Cuban birthright.

The world's most famous and energetic birther, Donald Trump, has opined that Ted Cruz's right to run for president is "very precarious" due to "the fact that he was born in Canada and he has had a double passport." Trump also noted: "When we all studied our history lessons, you're supposed to be born in this country." Later, having firmly put on his thinking cap, Trump flatly told ABC's Jon Karl: "He can't be president." Trump then tweeted his condolences: "Sadly, there is no way that Ted Cruz can continue running in the Republican Primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility. Dems will sue!"

And―ya gotta love the irony!―it turns out that Ted Cruz's father is a birther who in 2012 told a Tea Party group that President Obama should go "back to Kenya." Of course that means his not-really-American son should go back to effin' Cuba, or effin' Canada! Perhaps Ted "Carnival" Cruz should summer in Canada and winter in Cuba, like a duck!

And the irony gets even more delicious, as Ted Cruz himself is a birther who disqualified himself in 2012 when he said: "Obama's mother's citizenship is irrelevant since his father wasn't American and he wasn't born in America." Cruz later flip-flopped after deciding to become the first Cuban-and/or-Canadian president: "All you need to know about my parentage is my mother was a citizen. My father and place of birth are irrelevant." What hypocrisy and arrogance! Why isn't what's good for a Canadian goose also good for a Kenyan gander?

But is the Canadian goose now cooked? Here are the facts ... c'mon birthers,  do your civic duty! ...

Rafael Bienvenido Cruz y Diaz, is a native-born Cuban who says he fought on the side of Fidel Castro and the communist resistance: leading a cell, throwing firebombs, running guns and recruiting. But despite being a cell leader and recruiter, he claims "not to have known" that his fellow insurrectionists were communists! And oddly, when approached in Ohio and asked to clarify the reason for his 1957 arrest, Mr. Cruz responded: "I'll have to think about it. I don't quite remember." He offered to be interviewed again at an event that same night, but instead had the reporter ejected. Very odd indeed! All we know, with any certainty, is that he supported Castro, recruited for Castro, blew things up for Castro, marched in parades for Castro, tried to join Castro in the hills to fight with the rebels ... but then for some strange reason sewed cash into his underwear and rushed over to the United States. Now he "can't remember." It all sounds very suspicious, doesn't it? Was his mission improbable the same as the Kenyan plot to put Barack Obama in power?

And what about Rafael Cruz's son? Well, the honest birthers should have a field day. First, Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada, in 1970. He became a Canadian citizen at birth, simply by being born on Canadian soil, due to Canada's birthright law. Second, Rafael Cruz did not obtain his U.S. citizenship until 35 years after the birth of his son, which is very suspiciously the year his son reached the presidential age of eligibility! Third, Ted Cruz's mother and father both appeared on Canadian voting rolls in 1974. Fourth, Rafael Cruz has admitted taking Canadian citizenship. Did his wife join him, explaining her appearance in the Canadian voting rolls? Fifth, Ted Cruz only renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014, at age 44, obviously because he thought it would be an issue in the upcoming American presidential election. Sixth, Ted Cruz cannot prove the circumstances of his birth with an American birth certificate. Should Americans accept evidence of foreign origin when the presidency hangs in the balance?

Can a Canadian citizen run for the American presidency? The American Constitution says that an American president must be a "natural born" American citizen. So where are all the Republican birthers, who opposed the election of President Barack Obama on the basis that he was not born in the United States and/or that his father was not a natural-born American citizen? Donald Trump has questioned whether Ted Cruz is a "natural born" American citizen. Carly Fiorina has asked why Cruz waited until the proverbial last minute to renounce his Canadian citizenship, which does seem very odd. Rand Paul has called Cruz a "natural-born Canadian citizen" and has asked if a child can be naturally born with two different citizenships. Does being born in Canada and holding a Canadian citizenship from birth to middle age disqualify Cruz from becoming the American president? Only the Supreme Court can say for sure, and there has never been a ruling on this matter to date. Furthermore, is Ted Cruz still a Cuban citizen, since his father was apparently Cuban citizen at the time of his birth and neither Cruz nor his father have ever renounced their claims to Cuban citizenships? Was renouncing their Canadian citizenships just an artful dodge to disguise their true allegiance to Communist Cuba? And last but perhaps not least, are Americans willing to accept a non-American birth certificate as "proof" of a person's claims in a presidential election? What if the birth certificate were Kenyan, Cuban, Russian, Iranian or North Korean?

Where are the honest birthers when we need them?

Ted Cruz: Questions of Character and (Perhaps) Sanity

Questions of birth and citizenship aside, why do so many people who know Cruz call him a "creep," a "nightmare" and other similar terms? Why is it generally agreed that Cruz is "the most loathed person in American politics"? The main complaint about Ted Cruz in political circles seems to be that he is all about Ted Cruz, and not about the American people or the nation they comprise.

Its not what hes trying to accomplish or what he says hes trying to accomplish that bothers people, former McConnell chief of staff Josh Holmes told The Washington Post. Its that hes consistently sacrificed the mutual goals of many for his personal enhancement.

He is incapable of delivering anything but theater, another critic opined.

Ted Cruz likes to be center stage. He grabs the limelight not by accomplishing good things, but by claiming the "high ground" of being the most extreme conservative. But Ronald Reagan was nowhere near as extreme as Toxic Ted Cruz. The elder Bush was nowhere near as extreme as Cruz. Even George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were not as extreme as Cruz. Being an extremist for the sake of being extreme is not a virtue. Hitler was an extremist. Mussolini was an extremist. Stalin was an extremist. Being on the lunatic fringe is not a virtue, except to other lunatics.

So there are at least three very important questions about Ted Cruz: (1) Does he care more about "looking good" than he does about the American people? (2) Is he more about theater than getting things done? What has he actually accomplished? (3) Is he such an extremist that he is irrational? For instance, Cruz has said that as president he would carpet bomb the Middle East to see if the sands will "glow" at night. That sounds like carpet-bombing with nukes. Every American and Israeli general and military expert who has spoken publicly about Cruz's statement has pointed out that carpet bombing is immoral, a war crime, and a terrible military strategy. Carpet bombing would kill large numbers of civilians, including completely innocent children and their mothers. Only a madman would suggest such a terrible thing. Is Ted Cruz insane?

Holy Cruzaders

"Holy Cruzaders, Batman! Ted Cruz is running for president, bragging about spanking his five-year-old daughter for not speaking the truth, and yet lying like a dog himself! He gives me the creeps! What can we do?"

"Not much, Robin, unfortunately! Holy Cruzaders seem to be running the show in the United States these days! Personally, I think they're a bigger threat than criminals who are at least honest about their motives and intentions! Give me the Joker or the Riddler any day of the week!"

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