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Donald Trump's Muslim Friends

Donald Trump claims that he has Muslim friends who support his ludicrous "plans" such as throwing out the Constitution and Bill of Rights by applying religious tests to tourists and immigrants, favoring Christians over people of other religions, and allowing security to "rule" the United States so that we resort to "unthinkable" things like waterboarding and "worse." (Trump sounds not only willing, but eager to explore those "worse" and "unthinkable" things.) Should we believe what Trump says about his Muslim friends? Well, he also claims to be "loved" by "the blacks" and "the Hispanics" and to have "great relationships" with them. Polls prove these are figments of Trump's very vivid imagination, as one might predict by his plantation-owner-style wording. In reality, Trump is very unpopular with minorities because he is such an ultra-obvious bigot. For instance, he has maintained an unfavorable rating of 80% to 82% in recent months with Hispanics, according to an ABC News/Washington Post polls.

But should white Christian Americans consider supporting Trump, since he so obviously favors them? No, absolutely not. First, we should not elect bigoted politicians because all human beings are entitled to equality in the eyes of the law, and real justice. Second, bigotry when unleashed will invariably lead to increased violence, as it did before, during and after the Civil War, and then for another century of Jim Crow laws and kangaroo courts. Third, one never knows where someone like Herr Hitler or Herr Trump will stop. As one version of the famous Holocaust poem goes, "First they came for the Jews ..."

The writer of the poem, Martin Niemöller, was a white Christian pastor who had welcomed Hitler's ascension to power in 1933, believing it would result in a national revival. But Niemöller and hundreds of other German pastors fell out of favor with Hitler, and Niemöller ended up in a concentration camp himself. He learned the very hard way that once bigots rise to power, they are not content to stop with the obvious targets. Everyone who is unlike them becomes suspect and that "unlikeness" may include differences of opinion about politics, economics and religion. How, for instance, does one define the word "Christian" once it becomes a test for immigration, citizenship and/or special favors? One person may say that only faith in Jesus Christ is required to be a Christian. Another may say that the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church are required. A third may say that homosexuals cannot be Christians. A fourth may say that anyone having sex outside marriage is not really a Christian. And so on. It may seem simple to say, "Only let Christians enter the United States." But how can the litmus test be applied fairly? Babies do not have religious beliefs, what about them? And would the United States have benefitted by denying Albert Einstein the right to emigrate and eventually become an American citizen?

The American founding fathers were well aware of what had happened in Europe when people of one religion or religious sect were granted too much power. The results included holy wars (often with Christians battling other Christians over points of religious dogma), inquisitions, women being burned at the stake as "witches" and men as "heretics" (again often over points of religious dogma), and the suppression of debate, science and knowledge. There are many problems with what Trump proposes, and no one can predict where the dark path of bigotry and intolerance will lead, once a nation starts running down it, led by a madman like the Trump of Doom ...

Get with the Program Pogrom, Lefties!

C'm'on lefties! Admit that Donald Trump has been very tough on China. He has been especially tough on Chinese kids who slave away in sweatboxes, making his menswear. He has also been incredibly tough on Hispanic kids. He will be even tougher on the Syrian kids he says we must "take out" (murder!) in order to win the war on terror. No wonder he's the idol of white supremacists everywhere! What a tough guy, what a Putin-like strongman, what a steely-eye hero, making damn sure that Syrian toddlers don't overthrow our vaunted armed forces in one of the great military coups of all time! Get with the program pogrom, you bleeding-heart lefties! Surely you know that Jesus Christ would have gone Rambo, grabbed his assault weapon and made damn sure that no Syrian babe or widowed mother ever received shelter on these Christian shores! Are you insane like President Obama to suggest that Americans should have the courage to show compassion to unfortunate people who are not Christians? (And please, please, PLEASE don't remind us about the parable of the Good Samaritan!) — Michael R. Burch

Things that go bump in the night
fill Herr Trump with irrational fright;
his brain hits the skids;
he screams, "Take out kids!"
Where's his self-alleged "courage" and "might"?
Is cowardice Trump's kryptonite?
— Michael R. Burch

Herr Trump's latest idea to "make American great again" is a real doozy that puts him in the same category as Herr Hitler. Our new Hair Hitler recently insisted three times that the world's most powerful nation must wage war on women and children, "taking them out" like pawns in a game of incredibly bloody chess. Asked during a Fox News interview about civilian casualties in the war on  terror, Trump replied: "We're fighting a very politically correct war [by trying to avoid harming civilians] ... And the other thing is with the terrorists, you have to take out their families. When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. But they say they don't care about their lives. You have to take out their families." (As William Finnegan pointed out in an article for The New Yorker, "Even Slobodan Milosevic knew better than to talk like that in public." Also what Trump said makes no sense, because if the terrorists really do care about their lives, you can use their lives as "leverage" and don't have to take out their families. Not to mention that murdering noncombatant women and children is evil and a violation of international law and basic human decency.) According to our hysterical Herr Trump, it is "politically correct" (i.e., very bad) to try to avoid killing women and children, and the best way to "win" the war on terror is to become serial killers of women and children ourselves! Herr Trump, welcome to the club that includes Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Ivan the Terrible, Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan! How proud Americans will be when as Commander-in-Chief you order our highly-skilled professional soldiers to "take out" women and children! What a tough guy, what a hero, what a leader of men! Sieg Heil, Herr Trump!

A pale neo-Nazi, Herr Trump,
screamed "Take them all out!" at the stump:
"Mothers and kiddies!
Grandpappies, old biddies!
Just blow up the whole damn dump!"
— Michael R. Burch

In Israel, Haaretz columnist Chemi Shalev compared the sight of thousands of Trump supporters waving their fists in anger at Muslims, demanding their deportation, to similar demonstrations against Jews in Munich beer halls a century ago in a prelude to what eventually became the Holocaust. When Herr Trump waxes hysterical, can the Fourth Reich be far behind? (Apologies to John Keats.) Perhaps soon The Donald can play himself in a revival of The Producers called The Dead Baby Producers ...

America was having trouble!
What a sad refrain!
It needed toupée a LEADER
To help "make it great again"!

Where, oh, where was HE?
Where could that GREAT FÜHRER be?
We looked around and then we found
The DESPERATE DESPOT for you and me!

And now it's springtime for HERR TRUMP in Syria!
He'll give the poor children diphtheria!
When they suffer and die,
Please be happy, don't cry!
Comrade, don't be absurd
Now that victory is assured!

As HITLER proved with the Jews,
Fascists always deliver good news!
Thus, we can trust THE DONALD
Not to wig out like Bozo and Ronald!

On HERR TRUMP's election day
The white Christian U.S.A.
Will be happy (but not gay)!

We're marching to a faster, higher-energy pace!
Look out, here comes the MASTER RACE!

Herr Trump claims that the majority of Syrian refugees are "young, strong" men and suggests dark reasons for this anomaly. But in reality, as one would expect if one were rational, the majority of Syrian refugees are women and children, according to the official UN refugee statistics. And even if Trump is correct that Americans must become abject cowards and not allow any adult Syrian men to cross our shores, still there is no sane reason to deny asylum to widows and orphans. Trump seems to lack courage, compassion, wisdom, common sense and any concept of boundaries, like another high-energy hysteric, Adolph Hitler. Sieg Heil, Herr Trump!

"What we're finding is that no group is safe from his ignorance and rhetoric," said Michael Nutter, the mayor of Philadelphia, who later called Trump an "asshole." Leading members of his own party have called Trump "unhinged," "ridiculous" "outlandish," "offensive," "outrageous," "absurd," "bombastic," "foolish," "impulsive," reckless," "race-baiting," "xenophobic," "downright dangerous" and what he so obviously is: a bigot and fascist. Trump was called a "fascist demagogue" by former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, "reprehensible, prejudiced, divisive and shameless" by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and a "demagogue" by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

But Trump refuses to surrender to logic or admit his mistakes. "Paris is no longer the same city it was," he claimed without citing any evidence: "They have sections in Paris that are radicalized where the police refuse to go there [sic]. They're petrified. The police refuse to go in there. We have places in London and other places that are so radicalized that the police are afraid for their own lives." But as usual, Herr Trump's allegations have no basis in fact. There are no Paris districts where the police are "afraid" to go. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said that Mr. Trump's claim about his city was "complete and utter nonsense." Pointing out that crime was falling in London and New York, he added: "The only reason I wouldn't go to some parts of New York is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump!"

Ted Cruz quickly trumped The Donald's insanity, by threatening to "utterly destroy" ISIS via "carpet bombing" that would leave the desert sands aglow (presumably nukes would irradiate the sands, killing god-knows-how-many women and children in the process). Not one to settle for second-best in a battle of lunatics, Trump threatened to have the US military hunt down the widows and orphans of dead terrorists, to either "take them out" or make them "suffer" in "retribution." This, one assumes, will persuade the dead terrorists not to reincarnate and attack again!

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