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Yves L-Thrace

Born in Montréal, Yves L-Thrace was passionate about art at a very young age. As a child, he converted the family shed into an art studio and worked with oil and charcoal. By the age of 16, he discovered the American poet Walt Whitman and a number of French poets including Arthur Rimbaud. Later, he became keenly interested in oriental mysticism as well as in Chinese and Japanese art and poetry. In the sixties he studied at the Montreal School of Fine Arts with Umberto Bruni, Luigi Bartolini, Louis Archambault and Guiseppe Fiore.

A Montreal artist, Thrace has had more than 30 solo and group exhibitions in Quebec and abroad. His work has been exhibited in a number of Montreal galleries, including Artus Gallery (2003), Commensal Gallery (2000), Diagram Art Gallery (1998), l'Imprévue Gallery (1992 and 1991), and l'Informelle Gallery (1987, 1988 and 1989). His work was also  displayed in Martinique at the Bakoua Hotel (1975), in Bolivia at the La Paz Café (1973) and in Peru at the San Martin Plaza (1972).

Thrace has participated in numerous group exhibitions: Among them, in New York at Rockefeller Center (1993) and at ELLAC (2000 and 1990), the Museum du Fier Monde in Montreal (2000) as well as the Museum of Mont-Saint-Hilaire (2000). In 1989, he participated in the second Biennial of Canadian Painting where he received a prize for excellence in composition accorded by René Huyghe, (The Louvre, Paris). His work was also selected by the Quebec Art Council (Conseil de la peinture du Québec) for their exhibition entitled "Plurality." This show was presented in numerous museums and art Centers throughout Quebec (1997-1998).

Thrace is a professional artist and member of R.A.A.V. and the Artotheque of Montreal. His works are found in certain art collections in Montreal, Mont-Saint-Hilaire and New York.

There in the sky
the same moon
that Basho―Buson―Issa―gazed upon

Sing sing sing cicada sing!
for your lifespan in the light
is so brief.

For a very short time man on earth
you might as well take your bliss.

And from so far in time
the rumbles of trains in the night
talk to me of elsewheres
Boston―New York―Chicago-

Time goes by―
earth goes through changes
I am now walking where
there was once an ocean

In this floating world
somewhere in the milky way
―the thread of our life.

At dawn
flying over the white dew
a great heron

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