by Sharron Rose

Written originally in Sitges, Spain on Christmas Eve, 1984

I had been frightened by the possession of a negative energy the night before. I was washing my hair upstairs in the old fisherman's cottage in Sitges, thinking, "This is ridiculous— what am I afraid of? Hey, God—if you're real—would you help me out here...?" I was suddenly feeling petrified and in actuality was very isolated in that small adobe house next to the ocean. I was scared!

I wandered down the old stairs, as the walls leaked their white paint in soggy patches beneath my bare feet. It was about 8 pm. A powerful energetic vibration began to agitate my body. I reached the fuse box, downstairs and opened it. Several fuses exploded into blue flashes and my fingers were burned slightly. I noticed the small wart on my right forefinger that had appeared many years before. What was THAT about? I thought, regarding the flashes.

Downstairs was total blackness. I stumbled outside to the Landlord's small stucco cottage. I was panicky and nearly hysterical. He and his wife came immediately, bringing new fuses—nothing worked. Although all of the houses on the small street were attached to the same system, the power had stopped only in mine. The landlord shook his head. His wife tried to console me. Each new fuse blew up like a small exploding star. The landlord and his wife were apologetic. They handed me candles, then left me alone. My small transistor radio was playing. I was in total darkness. I lit a candle they had left for me.

Warm light suffused the room with its peeling damp wintered walls as the energetic influx in my body intensified. I was freaking out, extremely agitated. I felt like an animal would feel trapped before an earthquake. An English-speaking station came on the radio. The BBC. I had never been able to receive it before. The newsperson was speaking about the war in Iraq—a war that had not yet happened! By now I was in extreme panic. The lights had not come on, and I thought..."So long as there is radio contact—I'm o.k."At that instant the radio went dead. I was frightened beyond hysteria as a "quickening" began in my body. My heart hurt and I felt that I would die, as I was so agitated. Suddenly a vibration of an exquisite and terrifying sensory quality overwhelmed me and encompassed all of my physical and mental senses. So extreme was the sensation I felt I would die from fear—yet suddenly I felt a peculiar infusion that seemed to enter through my crown chakra. The sensation was that I was being given a powerful sedative through that chakra which immediately reduced my fear and anxiety and allowed me to relax into the experience. Suddenly I became engulfed by Love. Not Human Love, but a Love so Intense and Alive that I simply fell upon the old sofa and was engulfed by it. I began to quietly cry, so intense was the Experience. Words are not available to describe the sensations that overtook me. This was an Unconditional Unknown Force of Love that permeated every cell of my body and consumed my Soul. I could not speak. My heart beat so rapidly I feared I would die.

Engulfed by Love, a Love that was not of Human Origin—(for I was being "told" this...) I asked "It" to calm me, somehow, or I would surely die. Immediately, a very powerful infusion was introduced through the crown of my head which reduced my fear and anxiety and allowed me to relax into the experience somewhat, as a third factor began to activate. There was clearly a Presence in the room with me. It was not Human. It was Light and Golden and it was enormous. It had a frequency, a vibration of an exquisite sensory quality that seemed nearly orgasmic, but not in the human sense. It was beyond Love and It permeated and encompassed all of my senses. It then began to speak wordlessly, through the frequency that engulfed me. It encompassed all of my mental, emotional and physical capabilities and I was permeated with this Supernatural Love. I sat down on the sofa and began to cry quietly. I did not lose the sense of my physical "reality" but the immensity and brilliance of the Light that was entering all of my senses remains indescribable. The Intelligence then began to speak to me, again, with a vibration moving through my crown chakra. "There is no such thing as Death", it said. "And there is no Hell. There is only Love, Unconditional Love throughout the entire Universe. You are this Love, You are not separate."

"But what about punishment?" I muttered. What about Hitler? What about murderers?"

Again the Love responded, not with words, but with A Frequency that remains indescribable. "There is no such thing as Hell or Punishment or Death. There is only Unconditional Love."

My ears tingled with an odd frequency that would remain for weeks. I would be able to pick up various radio stations along with the frequencies of birdsongs and animals. There is no way to describe what was told to me. At last the Unconditional Frequency of Love asked if I would like for It to reveal Itself to me. The room was filled with an unearthly brilliance, and I was afraid.

"No. No!" I stammered, for I felt I would see God Itself and never be able to remain as a human again after such an experience. The Presence understood. It very gently and lovingly began to withdraw itself from the cottage. I glanced down at my right forefinger, where that odd and troublesome wart had plagued me for several years. It had been removed. I was trembling. Yet still the Love suffused me. I managed to write down what had happened and then fell into a deep sleep or unconsciousness. For weeks afterward I was able to hear various radio frequencies as well as others indescribable. Whenever I neared any electrical lamp or appliance, it would short out. El Technico came to explore this problem, and reported none of the other houses had experienced such an occurrence.

My husband returned from Egypt the next morning. He was interested but mystified. When I showed him that the wart was gone from my finger, leaving not a trace, he was astonished. While still in Spain, I reported my experience with the Energy of Unconditional Love to others I had met there: a teacher, and a former Spanish Government Agent. They later married. We often spoke of this experience and others they had themselves experienced in this small Village in Spain. Many years passed after we all returned to the United States and we eventually lost contact. I shared what had happened to me with Dr. Richard Moss, a physician turned into Spiritual Teacher, and he declared he had had a similar experience himself, and that his best friend who was with him at the time said, "Enough, Richard! This is too bizarre!" and would no longer be his friend.

I would like to say that the experience with the Unconditional Frequency of Love changed me forever. It did not. I returned to my former life in Marin County, California, with my husband, my family. And I eventually returned to more mundane concerns. Now, reliving the experience with the Unconditional Love, I realize that I left IT, but IT, the LOVE, never left me.

Sharron Rose (an excerpt from her thesis "Integrating the God-Energy")