Poetry Contest

For the time being, The HyperTexts is not conducting or sponsoring poetry contests. The results of the poetry contest we sponsored for The Raintown Review are published below under "Past Contest Results." That contest raised a considerable sum of money for The Raintown Review, and The HyperTexts did not make a penny (indeed lost quite a few, a loss we are more than happy to have incurred in such a good cause). We are interested in pointing interested poets to worthy contests, and so if you're interested, here's a "pointer!" -- MRB

Current and Upcoming Contests

The guidelines for the Newburyport Art Association Annual Poetry Contest are on-line at the NAA  Gallery website at www.newburyportart.org and if you have any questions you can direct them to Rhina Espaillat, whose e-mail address is espmosk@verizon.net. The 2004 NAA poetry contest was judged by the distinguished William Jay Smith. If you're a poet, it is well worth the price of  entry just to be able to correspond with the lovely and talented Rhina Espaillat! Please be sure to ask for and save her electronic signature, because it's sure to be quite valuable one day.

Past Contest Results

The first annual Raintown Review Poetry Contest results are in.  The winners have been announced, and Harvey Stanbrough, the contest judge, will be also contacting the winners by mail.  Here are the official results:

First Prize:  Mary Rae of Weston, Florida, wins $1,000.00 for "Seasons"

Second Prize:  Patsy Anne Bickerstaff of Richmond, Virginia, wins $350.00 for "Planning the Voyage"

Third Prize:  Maureen Lavender of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, wins $150.00 for "Converging Storms"

Other finalists included the following poems (in alphabetical order by title):

A Classics Teacher’s Personal Experiences and Relationships — Dr. Joseph S. Salemi
Boarding House Reach — Andrea L. Watson
Broke — Len Roberts
Dante’s Children — Randy White
Fishing Lesson — Len Roberts
Getting the Follow-Up News . . . — Elaine Preston
Ghost Train — Patricia Ansley
The History of Sleep — (Couldn’t find author’s name)
Jeptha’s Daughter — Andi L. Rosenthal
Krista’s Fear of Splinters — Corina K. Cook
Letter to Send Home — Liz Robbins
Miscarriage — Diane Lockward
Palermo — Theresa L. Mormino
Ritual — Jennifer Perrine
Route 66, Arizona, 1953 — William Notter
Schroedinger’s Cat: — Mike Farman
The Man-Made Muse — Dr. Joseph S. Salemi
The Muse — Michael Cafferty
With Luck, — Elaine Preston
Young Woman Without Memory — C. Lynn Shaffer