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Parallels between the Nakba (Arabic for "Catastrophe") and the Jewish Shoah (Hebrew for "Catastrophe"), also known as the Holocaust

The parallels between what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust and what is currently happening to the Palestinians during the Nakba are striking and disturbing.

The first stage of the Holocaust, the Nakba, the Trail of Tears and American slavery was the same: the people in power denied equal rights and justice to their victims. It is impossible for oppressors to steal the human rights, freedom, property and labor of their victims unless the laws and courts are unfair. So the first step is to create Jim Crow laws and kangaroo courts that favor the "superior" race over "inferior" races.

One one group of people have decided that they are "superior" to other people and the laws and courts have been rigged to allow them to oppress their intended victims, the next step is to create artificial barriers between the races. The Nazis "purified" Germany by ethnically cleansing Jews into walled ghettos and concentration camps. Today Israel has ethnically cleansed Palestinians into walled ghettos like Gaza, walled enclaves or bantustans in the West Bank, and refugee camps in nations like Jordan and Lebanon.

When we see completely innocent children being collectively imprisoned and punished for the "crime" of having been "born wrong," we know something is terribly wrong. Such terrible things cannot happen if all children are protected by fair, nonracist laws and courts. They can only happen when the laws and courts have been rigged to favor one race or ethnic group over another.

Such an unfair system can only be implemented by brute force, which turns the people enforcing the unfair system into brutes.

The ones who suffer the most are children, their mothers, and the elderly.

In order to continue such an unjust system, the children of the oppressors must be indoctrinated into also becoming racists and fascists.

The victims suffer more and more as the oppressors become more and more savage and brutal. The only solution is for the people in power to establish fair, nonracist laws and courts. But Israel has never taken this all-important step, and so today it resembles the Confederacy, Nazi Germany and apartheidist South Africa.

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