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Mitali Chakravarty

Mitali Chakravarty is an Indian poet, writer and the founding editor of Borderless Journal.


Celebrate the Independence Day
While Munch-like screams explode
Like fireworks lighting the night sky.

Silent, vociferous, full of angst.
Unable to speak.
Bleak, bleak, bleak.

Oh, the cruelty of life!
The anger and strife,
Guernica revisited each time.

This is not just about soldiers who die.
But about all those who silently cry
For a dozen different whys?

A young girl raped and killed
By eight men who jubilate.
While God silently watched—

As in His temple He stood witness to the desecration
Of innocence lost —
Mutilated, annihilated, destroyed, bludgeoned.

Of a life finished —
in Pain, in Agony, in Shame.

And the men, what happened to them?

A sixteen-year-old still has to get water from a well
in a world where Homo Deus will be cured of death.
Then Three, the Three men set her aflame.

Three were the number of men who travelled from afar
Bearing gifts for a baby in a crib.

Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Parsee, Sikh —
Does any faith ask you to annihilate and break?

Take what men can never grant — Life?

And the men, what happened to them?

Saffron, the colour of sacrifice.
Green, the colour of life
Bonded by the purity of white.

Blood-spattered now, it lies.

And the men what happened to them?

Slash & Burn

(on Hathras Rape)

I watch with my lips sealed.
Watch each girl burn,
burn the stains
of Predators’
till their life is done.

I watch with my ears closed —
Watch rancid hands
leap and lustfully
Immolate last
night’s Fun.
Clean up the mess. The job is done.

Unemployed, porn-ridden mobiles watch —
watch with closed eyes the horror,
the horror of a life violated,
absolved with age-old
rituals that, steeped
in patriarchy,
justify Lust.
Lust that Gandhi fasted to dust?

I watch with my eyes closed —
Watch gross lurid fingers unravel
the hate, the bestiality —
Watch weeping women wipe away
your wails. Rise,
Rise with
the power of whipping winds!

Like Kali, come forth dripping blood;
Seal the fate of those giving in to lust.

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