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Iqbal Hashimi

Iqbal Hashimi was born into a rural family in Paktia, Afghanistan, in 1996. When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, he moved to Pakistan where he lived for five years. When the Taliban regime was felled by American forces in 2001, he returned to Afghanistan. He currently attends the University of Paktia. He loves the English language and English poetry; therefore, he chose to seek a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. He has also attended a private English language center where he obtained first position in his class. He was subsequently asked by the center's director to teach there, which he did for three years. He then decided to create his own English language teaching center. He has also taught English at the Paktia Press Club (PPC), where many journalists and attorneys learn English. His future plan is to obtain a Master's degree in English literature via a Fulbright scholarship in the US. He also hopes to become a professional English author and editor.

This poem was written in Pashto by Iqbal Hashimi, then translated into English by Iqbal Hashimi with assistance by Michael R. Burch:

I've lost my youth and can't get it back;
I don't really care.
Now you're orbiting a crater.

Your love has no limitations;
our world is without borders.

We predestined ourselves;
together we were inevitable.

I subsist in your love;
you are my purpose.

Without you, I am buried in my own heart's graveyard;     
Without you, I have no resting place.
With you, I worship in the mosque of my heart;
there is no better temple than my heart.

This poem was written written in English by Iqbal Hashimi:

Do you know why I am lost in your love?
I try to know the cost of your love
I want to be the host of your love
So that I can get the most of your love.

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