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The Eclectic Muse

Managing Editor
Joe M. Ruggier

Board of Academic Consultants
Professor LeRoy D. Travis
S. Warren Stevenson (Professor Emeritus, UBC)

"There are many mansions in Parnassus!"

The Eclectic Muse has published poets and writers from Canada, Malta, the United Kingdom, the United States, and elsewhere. The Eclectic Muse publishes poetry and prose of various styles, but always reflects the passion of its Managing Editor, the acclaimed poet, essayist and critic Joe M. Ruggier. Mr. Ruggier's passion is for poetry that sings and moves, for poetry that embraces rather than denies or defies the traditions of English poetry. If you believe as he does--that there is a revival of traditional poetry, and that the world is better place for it--we think you'll find The Eclectic Muse well worth the price of a subscription.

Recent contributors to The Eclectic Muse have included Michael R. Burch, Esther Cameron, Ida Fasel, Carol Frith, Roy Harrison, John Morgan, John Nixon, Jr., Richard Moore, Daniel Rajala and Vera Zubarev.


Subscription rate: $25 per year (Canada/USA), 13 Pounds Sterling (UK). Sample Copies: $8.oo (Canda/USA/UK). Please make checks payable to Joe Ruggier and mail to: Multicultural Books
Suite 307, 6311 Gilbert Road, Richmond, B.C., Canada V7C 3V7.
Telephone:  (604) 600-8819


Contributors please enclose a 50-100 word bio to be used at the discretion of the Editor.  Poetry books to be reviewed in The Eclectic Muse should be sent c/o the Managing Editor.  Authors contributing work to The Eclectic Muse may be required to submit to editorial comment unless they advise otherwise in writing.  The Eclectic Muse is not liable for the safety of unsolicited MSS.  Poems may be sent by regular mail with an SASE to the above address. We strongly recommend poets read a sample copy before submitting.

Sample Poems

The Suicide by John Nixon Jr.

With the starlight tarnished
And the moon askew
And the rainbow sagging--
What could he do?

When the mortar smashed
Where he blent the erotic
And the comic, it left
Him no narcotic.

And his peers said crazy
Or a coward at best
But a few said weary
And let him rest.

Reading the Leaves, an English Madrigal by Carol Frith

Think about your question.  Concentrate.
Turn your cup three times and drain the tea.
The patterns that remain are augury.
Fierce omens, these symbols indicate
your future, a crown and cross for destiny.
Think about your question.  Concentrate.
Turn your cup three times and drain the tea,

then read the omens that the leaves create.
Consult the dragon and the fleur-de-lis.
Is fate your lover or your enemy?
Think about your question.  Concentrate.
Turn your cup three times and drain the tea,
The patterns that remain are augury.

The Poet Makes Contact by Richard Moore

Posh suburb, seeing me, you say,
    "Rummage-sale-suited knave,
thou rescuer on garbage day
    of saucepans from the grave,

say, quick: what are you doing here,
    delving in all our cans?"
I reply, "Judgment Day is near.
    It's fate I fish for.  Man's."

In Praise of Meter by Michael R. Burch

The earth is full of rhythms so precise
the octave of the crystal can produce
a trillion oscillations, yet not lose
a second’s beat. The ear needs no device

to hear the unsprung rhythms of the couch
drown out the mouth’s; the lips can be debauched
by kisses, should the heart put back its watch
and find the pulse of love, and sing, devout.

If moons and tides in interlocking dance
obey their numbers, what is left to chance?
Should poets be more lax–-their circumstance
as humble as it is?–-or readers wince

to see their ragged numbers thin, to hear
of Nero’s death, and mourn the Cavalier?

Joe M. Ruggier

Joe M. Ruggier was born in Malta in 1956 and has written and published poetry in both Maltese and English.  He currently resides in Richmond, British Columbia, where he manages a small press, Multicultural Books.  Multicultural Books publishes poetry, poetry leaflets, sound recordings, fiction and literary fiction.  

Joe Ruggier has sold over 20,000 books, many of them door-to-door, including over 10,000 books he wrote and published himself.  There are over 5,700 copies in print of his book Out of Blue Nothing.  Information on Joe M. Ruggier's books, cassettes and poetry journal:

Intelligible Mystery (1985) 
Out of Blue Nothing (1985) ISBN 0-9694933-0-4
The Voice of the Millions (1988) 
In the Suburbs of Europe (1991) 
Moods for Lovers (1993 ) Cassette
This Eternal Hubbub (1995) 
regrets hopes regards and prayers ... (1996) 
Lady Vancouver (1997) 
A Richer Blessing (1999 ) ISBN 0-9681948-3-4
The Poetry of George Borg Translated from the Maltese by Joe M. Ruggier (2000)
The Eclectic Muse, a poetry journal edited by Joe M. Ruggier

To order any of the above, please write or call first for availability and prices.  Please make checks payable to Joe Ruggier.

Multicultural Books
Suite 307
6311 Gilbert Road
Richmond, B.C., Canada V7C 3V7
Telephone: (604) 600-8819

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