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Catherine Lee Clarke

Catherine Lee Clarke is a New Zealander who currently resides in Thailand. A member of the Fellowship of Australian Writers, Australian Bush Poets Association, FreeXpresSion, Henry Lawson Memorial & Literary Society and Metverse Muse (India), she derives great satisfaction from both reading and writing poetry, and her poetry has received awards from several prestigious Australian competitions. She has also had articles, poetry and short stories published in magazines in Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Singapore. Previously a PA, she is now a freelance professional proofreader/editor and has also written editorials, hotel reviews, press releases and the like for various clients.

Aotearoa Calling

As years go by, with wiser eyes I ponder all I’ve learned;
my life and all its lessons, and the bridges I have burned.
So often now my mind's been drawn to green and fertile plains,
the town that's ever held my heart and patiently remains.
Her winding rivers, languid ducks—her gardens make me weep!—
the scent of daffodils in spring, the bleating of the sheep;
brisk autumn walks through knee-high leaves and winter's icy sighs,
spectacular nor-western lights igniting evening skies.
Majestic mountains, crystal streams, the balmy whisp’ring breeze
that murmurs through the silver birches, oaks and willow trees.

I've travelled all around the world, seen many distant lands;
I’ve trekked dense forests, sailed wide seas, traversed parched desert sands,
viewed scenery that dazzled me, yet always in my mind
persistent voices begged me just to turn and look behind—
to contemplate my longing for that place I blithely left,
examine reasons I remained surprisingly bereft.
Till finally I realised the joy for which I sought
was always there, though simple truth I ignorantly fought.
Sweet memories consume me now; I'm drowning in my past.
My mind’s at peace, my spirit rests; I'm going home at last.

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